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  1. So, with 100k helicopter kills in BF3, and about 2500 hours logged...I can say, finally, this game is the one I am excited about since BF3. Let's face it; BF4, BFH, BF1, they were all trash. I think this should be one of their better ones. We started out in WW2 with 1942, which was/is still a super fun game to play.

    Let's hope EA/DICE don't fuck this up.
  2. Loved BF2 and I played a lot of 4. Really don’t like BF1 because the vanilla on Xbox only had like 3 maps. Somehow I never played 3 but I’m installing it now.
  3. BF1 is way to easy I hit rank 60 not long ago games boring now lol
  4. Bf4 is the shit bruh, why do you think it's trash? Lmao

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  5. I don’t really care for games much anymore, but I hate what games are doing now... CoD is all futuristic and Battlefield will probably go that route as well. I prefer modern shooting games, not 100 years ahead, or 100 years behind. I want to shoot guns I know in real life, and have shot in real life.
    I like BF4, and still play it today occasionally. BF1 I tried and wasn’t too impressed. BF5 looks like a remake of 1, but just set in WWII. Nothing special to me. I hope BF6 won’t be futuristic and they’ll return to modern world.
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  6. Loved bf 3, bf 4 was ok. I thought bf1 was awesome for 6 months then just stopped playing it for zelda on switch

    I think my bf time is up for now.
  7. He said he has 100k helicopter kills, he's a spawn killer. I believe the ones he said aren't good are the ones that prevented spawn killing (for the most part).
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    Just got done watching everything about the game, via E3. I can't wait to jump in a plane & swoop on you shitties.
    All jokes aside (not that the above line was a joke), the game looks like it's going to be a fucking ton better than BF4 (shit), BF1 (total shit), and BFH (xxkra shitty).

    I have over 2k hours of public game play, in BF3, not counting the 1000-ish from 21CW matches, TWL ladder matches, etc. Call of Duty was always horribly easy, with super shit game play. There was never anything to actually fly, which was boring. I never got into playing on the ground much, as it was just boring & I would of played CoD if that was what I wanted to do. So, yeah, here is a few screenshots of my stats lol.

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  9. Im also excited for BFV. Cya on the battlefield
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  10. To me personally, the series has became boring and repetitive. I bought BF1 and never got in to it at all. The whole WWI AND WWII plot line has been way over played in video games in general. There are many other military actions that could be used instead of re-purposing 75 year old battles.
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  11. Somewhat agree with you there. I generally spend my time in ARMA2/3, PUBG and Squad.

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  12. Good game @NoMidZone Lol you have a lot of kills I see.


  13. God damn how much free time do you have on your hands man ?? That's alot of hours...
  14. I scallop 6-7 months out the year. I make my main source of income in those months. I got plenty of time after that.

    2xx,xxx, half a year. Can't beat it.

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