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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Iceni Toker, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. I loved the original CODs, but after BO2 I just stopped playing them due to lack of creativity and i'd moved onto bigger, better things with the BF franchise.
    That said, I can't help but be drawn into the AW hype, the new movement mechnics, 3 year dev cycle and the future weapons look like they could reinvigorate the series a bit for me. 
    I'll recognize that BF is the superior series, but sometimes I just want a twitch shooting run and gun game you know?
    Anyone else in the same situation as me? Are you planning on getting AW? If so why?

  2. Why compare the two? Why do you need to 'recognize' or confirm this with anyone? You sound ridiculous.
    Buy and play whatever game you want. Comparing CoD to BF is the same it was 10 years ago, they're two completely different types of shooters with different engines.
    I'm interested in getting it but I'm skeptical with how bad Ghost and Titanfall flopped. Right now isn't a strong time for FPS.
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    Eh, I agree with you it is a little ridiculous, but it's hard to drop the elitist sentiments that we anti-COD people have created over the past few years, haha.
    I just want to see how many people really think the series has changed a little for the better, to help me with my decision. PS4 games are expensive and I don't want to purchase a re-hash of Ghosts that I might hate.
  4. Won't know until it comes out

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  5. I'm not even a COD fan but I was kind of interested in AW. I'm going to wait until I see post-release footage, though. If its just the same old shit, I won't bother.

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  6. I'll let you know if it's good, getting my copy tonight.
  7. is it good?
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    It must be hard to be elite when you're worried about a $60 console game. Quite the hubris.
    I get not liking a game because of its fanbase, its dumb as that is but to completely be anti-something because of a superficial rivalry self imposes arbitrary limits is retarded. Fuck that.
    This is coming from someone that played CoD since United Offense and Battlefield since 1942.
  9. I see where you're coming from.  I find the battlefield series to be much more entertaining and much more encompassing games.  I stopped enjoying the COD series once Modern Warfare 2 was released.  That being said I feel like Advanced Warfare has a lot of potential, but it will probably end up being a Ghosts rehash.  
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    The storyline seems too Infinity Ward-esque, but the multiplayer seems like a bit of fun.
    I'm a firearms pervert so those sci-fi pew pew lasers make me urk. They look like they could be out of any "space shooter", lacking general originality. 
  12. Same here after black op 2 I stopped BT I like last of us online shooter BT I kinda miss the run n gun quick cod
  13. Yes it's really good but if you have played previous CODs then it's going to take a day to get used to, at first it felt weird but after playing all night it's a great game. The double jumping I'm still getting used to because it's definitely different, it isn't like other cods in terms of multiplayer, but in a good way.
    I have yet to play campaign just trying to level up with the Double XP
  14. The game is 110 dollars with the season pass which is the only way to play zombies if you are still a fan. Without the season pass, no zombies
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    After playing all day, I'll conclude that it is a kick ass game. I played it for 6 hours straight with my cousin we had so much fun.
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    And even with the Season pass, there's no real zombies mode. There's a bonus wave of zombies in the map Riot, probably a few more similar maps coming up. 
  17. This stage is known as honey moon. Everyone likes it right after it comes out. I mean even for 60 bucks you get a couple months enjoyment. after a couple months well know if it's going to stick around tho.

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    i feel the same way. thats how it was, at least for me, with battlefield.  It didn't get old after a couple of months and still play it to this day. I actually just played like an hour ago ha.  
  19. Sweet. Gonna forge right away

  20. Im sold on it...Just poor atm. got to wait tell next week

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