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  1. OK So I need some advice... I started dating this guy a little over a month ago. He used to me my manager at an old job about 5 years ago and we were always flirting but he was married and I ended up dating a loser for 3 years. Well when me and said loser broke up I was heartbroken didnt know what to do with myself blah blah blah then this guy J comes along again and helps me through everything and we end up hitting if off. Everything is going great, and no he isnt married anymore. But he does have a 4 year old with his ex wife. I love kids but I have none of my own so Im very scared about meeting his little boy. J wants to wait until he knows Im not going anywhere which I think he is realizing that Im not leaving. But his ex wife is very against me meeting him which I can understand her being cautious about it, but not totally against it. Anyways what Im getting at is...What do I do? Has anyone been in a similar situation? Ive never dated anyone with kids before. I dont know how to take the "baby mama drama". I don't want to piss her off in anyway, I actually want her to like me and for her to be comfortable with her kid around me.
  2. Just give it time, unfortunately I think that's your best bet.

    I don't think she'll ever like you, but over time she'll get used to you.
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    Don't do anything! There'll be no drama if you take no participation in it. Don't worry about it. Don't try to talk to the mother yet. Don't talk about her. Just go about your life and love your man. Whenever he thinks the time's right for you to meet the little boy and you feel comfortable with it just agree and do your best to have fun with the kid, make him laugh, bring him a lttle toy, and stuff like that. If the mother wants to meet you to see who's gonna be around her kid then good. If she doesn't fine too. She can't stop you from meeting the child on the time his father's gonna have him. (That's if he pays CS of course) But yeah I don't see anything else you could do beside. Just be yourself.

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