Beyond Scared Straight

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  1. Im watching this new episode of Beyind Scared Straight with the three sisters.

    Wow, just wow. I wish i was a female so i could put these bitches in check.

    She thinks shes so bad, im actually getting irritatted just listening to here
  2. Lol! I am watching this shit as well. These poor girls, they are proud to be disrespectful.
    I know young women like that too, not as bad, but damn near.
    Guarantee they will all have babies by 16 and if they get their act together.
  3. have you seen this one....

  4. Id dropkick her teeth out lmao
  5. See this is the problem i have with the show.. I know some of these dudes are genuinly intimidating and some have some really crazy stories, but the thing i dont get is why these kids get so scared and cry and all that lol. Those inmates can get up all in your face, but u know damn well if they ever touched u, u could sue that prison up, down and sideways.
  6. Probably because its all fake

  7. Well yeah but the program is a real thing.. One of my friends did it in high school n he said the same shit, kids crying and everything, damn near pissing their pants lol
  8. Probly because its the first time theyve felt powerless.

    Somebody up in their face and nothing they can do about it

  9. Yeahh usually wen im in a situation i laugh

  10. the thing is....if you think about it.......most these guys are in jail for murder and shit......and have no light at the end of the tunnel .....they will die in jail...
    so why is it so far-fetched to believe that a man who has nothing left wouldn't lash out at some snot nosed punk in an act of violence if he felt disrespected ? when a man has nothing left to lose there is little he isnt capable of.
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    I had a buddy who moved to the US when we were still in grade school, and he was put in the program when he was 15. Some death row inmate actually did get up in his shit, and told him to take his best shot because he was being a smart-ass punk, like always. My buddy allegedly suckerpunched him in the throat and crushed his trachea then put out one of his eyes with his thumb before he had a chance to even blink. The dude died within minutes. Haven't talked to him in a long time, but the guy's a fucking legend around here, now. Doubt I'll ever hear from again, though, and no one is even sure if it's true, but that's what his parents say, anyway.
  12. Hold my shirt mane!!!
  13. I haven't watched this show but I found out tonight actually that an episode of this or something was filmed about 3 minutes from my house at Oneida County Jail in NY and one of the kids was someone my gf was a social worker, uh, good job, girlfriend.
  14. It's pretty funny. Sadly I wish one if those inmates would put a beating on some of those kids to show them they aren't tough at all lol.
  15. for me...the only problem with this program is that its main focus is trying to teach "bad" kids to stay out of jail through pure intimidation. For fear of their safety. basically for selfish reasons . Instead the program should aim to show them why their actions are morally wrong as what they are doing is hurting people. They should teach them that being a man isnt about doing stupid shit to act like your hard...but to do what is right and stand up for what you believe in, and to look out for your fellow humans...
  16. I feel most of the prisoners are paid or somehow rewarded for going psycho on the kids and going apeshit. But like someone said, I would love for one of those prisoners to lay a finger on one of the kids for the pure fact the prison would get sued six times till sunday
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    "Take off your shoes bitch!"

    Freaking love watching Beyond Scared Straight. These kids grow up with generations of family members being incarcerated, if just one of them makes changes, I say it's worth it. These kids are a product of their environment, sometimes unconventional methods are needed.
  18. They did one of these shits as a field trip at my school in florida. I move there from from NYC when i was in the 6th grade. They try to scare us qith gay inmates i was walking around calling them homos lol.

  19. It's about ratings. No one cares about this kids actions. These youth programs ( scared straight ) is on of the least successfull juvi programmed out there. It's all for so. It really doesn't do shit to the kids. They cry and want a pity party then go back to the same shit holes they came out of and act the same way.

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