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  1. Saw Apples big WWDC today. Apple user here but this cloud business is getting out of hand. If you use Mac OS X you have something called keychain which stores your passwords. Works well. In the next version of Mac OS Apple is moving your keychain to the cloud. 
    Might not be a big deal but there iCloud is the largest cloud system out there. So when that hits they have the keys to your kingdom which they do already but this time without effort. Be warned!

  2. This is just one more reason to stick with a PC.
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    I dont think this is the type of response OP was looking for, but still a good point lol.
    On topic... I feel the same way about the cloud.  I was disappointed to find out the Xbox One will be focused majorly around the Cloud for almost every feature. I even read today that it will have to be connected to the internet at all times to be operational. And since its the all in one device, it will know what and when I watch on tv, the kinect will probably be recording at all times so it will be literally a Big Brother camera straight from 1984.  Idk, It is just an uneasy feeling, having others have any sort of control over any part of your own life.   I just read about the NSA building the biggest "spy" center in Utah, scheduled to open in September 2013 (just in time before the xbox comes out in November).  It will collect every phone call/text/email/internet search/website visited/xboxlive/psn message sent/credit card transaction/bank statement.... anything digital in our world.  And it will be a cloud type database.
    I forgot where I was headed with this post, as its almost 4 a.m., im high, and hella tired... but yeah, fuck the cloud man, as futile as it may be!
    Done with the internet for a couple days, im over capacity for "conspiracy" stuff, rereading my 2nd paragraph, I can tell i'm already started to sound like im loosing it lol.
    I actually think the US government/intelligence agencies are forcing microsoft do all this cloud networking, kinect 24/7 stuff. I mean who in their right fucking mind would think having to connect to the internet every 24 hours and having the kinect watch you every time you turn your xbox on would be a good idea??? I mean cmon...  :confused_2: Also, the reason why it's only microsoft is because microsoft is a US company whereas Sony is a Japanese therefore out of reach by the NSA. 
    It all sounds a bit too far fetched, but how could ANYONE in an executive position at microsoft POSSIBLY think all that was a good idea??
    Well every platform has a cloud now and usually the settings are on by default. You name the platform save Linux perhaps it all has a cloud. After Apple's I think Microsofts is the largest. Google, Dropbox everything is migrating to it. 
    Office 365 even works in the cloud. 
    Well the creation of it is a extension of our technology. I do not know about where you live but I get 15-20 mb/sec LTE usually. That creates a situation with mobile devices which have already taken over and the level of technology that is packed into them the natural evolution of storage is the cloud. I do not think it was created with malice. You can use Cloud Drives as though they existed on local storage now via a Smart Phone. 
    Its the exploitation of them that is wrong. Technology is always neutral just about its the humans intent for it. 
    As for MS doing it and how could someone think it was a good idea well they just do not think like everyone really. To the tech heads...I am one of them this is all part of the evolution of that. As for the hacking into the accounts well the Feds pay a visit and show all the laws that force there compliance. They do not have much choice in the matter. It seems Prism as well is being done without there permission or knowledge. I believe that as its so evasive many companies would rather take them to court then comply. It will be interesting in the coming weeks to fully understand how there accessing servers without the owners knowledge. From what I read many are investigating that issue right now. Perhaps not to spill the beans but if they can do it then another nation or company that wants there internal data can. I was listening to Sirius Radio yesterday and Apple, Facebook, Google are scrambling to figure out how actually. There systems do not register the intrusion. 
    Its actually already here but to fully use it we need faster LTE which Samsung recently demonstrated...I think about 1000 mb/sec LTE to have a fully cloud experience. Most likely in the coming decades computers will be nothing but a LCD with a hyper fast cellular connection and all the data is seamlessly accessed remotely. With a hyper fast connection its transparent. Theres huge benefits for that and a lot of downfalls but its coming...its already here. 
    Its the powers that be that have the negative intent. 
  7. Fuck the cloud, I have external storage, why they keep trying to integrate people who don't like/trust virtual storage.

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