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  1. In July 2007 I bot a 600HPS, Digital ballast and Cool Tube (lookalike) from Sunlight Sheds out of Niagara Falls, NY. They also sell growboxes. They have SEVERAL DIFFERENT NAMES: They put together ballasts in NIagara Falls NY

    For the next 14 MONTHS, I went back and forth with them. They sent me a 'bait 'n switch' collection of mismatched ballast and hood, I sent it back, they sent me stuff that didn't work. I sent it back and responded rather curtly, demanding either they get it right or send back the $400. They didnt like my "tone." They did NOTHING for 4 months, while i called often, YOU ONLY GET VOICE MAIL. They often DO NOT RESPOND to email. Then they said they were waiting for 600 watt bulbs! FOR 4 MONTHS! I told them forget the bulb for now, just send me my stuff!
    Then they sent me a 400 watt ballast with no lamp! Then they sent me a lamp with no wires! They were having fun, I guess, as a result of my angry emails.
    I filed charges with NYS attorney general and same for MN - THEN THEY SENT ME BACK MY MONEY! They are currently under investigation by NYAG Internet fraud division.

    I'm new to this forum, and not sure if i am in the correct forum, so plaese excuse if i'm not.
  2. thats really odd. i have a mini cool cab and i love it. yeah its not perfect... i had to put some weather stripping around the doors due to light leakage. when i first got the light would not fire... it just flikered. i called them and left a message and they responded in a day and sent me a new ballast after they had me do some checks without ever asking for the old one back. i hooked up the new ballast and still just got a flicker. they sent me one more ballast (now i have 3) and still the same problem. i cut open the shrink wrap around the connection and found a wire that was not fully secured at a connection. i fixed that and bingo!... works great!. now i have 2 brand new 400w digital ballasts that are for metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs for sale if anyone is interested. just message me. i will let them go fairly cheap. i have 3 bigbud and 3 brainstorm going now... all feminized and they are growing beautifully! fogger is awsome! roots look great and plants are very bushy and green. like i said it did have some problems when i first got it but the staff there hooked it up and its running great now.
  3. I know this is an older thread but I needed to add that I've had a terrible time with this company also. :mad: I've gotten better service from places I've spent $5 at and I spent $2500 worth of product and all they have done is lie to me. I've been waiting four weeks and they barely just shipped (although they sure charged me quick enough) and they couldn't even bother to drop me an email saying they were out of stock and they have the gall to get offended that I'm pissed off at their "service". They even lie about the weight so they can pocket more of your shipping fees. My plants that I was going to clone from are now too far into flowering so when the cab finally arrives, I'm screwed anyway. Please, please DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Find ANYONE else to order from!!!!
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