Beware Of Plastic Grinders

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  1. Hey guys, just smoked almost the last of my bud and it was awful! 
    Ive come to the conclusion that peices of PLASTIC from my grinder has gotten in my spliff!
    This made me verrry dizzzy and gave me a headache, 
    Please be careful 

  2. oooh that can't be good for you. I used to get these things for free from my coffeeshop so I never used one for a long time. But I now have a metal one with kief catcher which is definately worth the investment.
  3. plastic grinders are a drag man...
    I agree - save and invest in a real 3 stage or better grinder
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    I know some cheap metal grinders can leave metal shavings in bud too. Did you see the bits of plastic or are you assuming? 
  5. Heres an idea: use gods grinder (aka fingers)  jk a nice 3 stage like spacecase or something ought to do the trick.  Ive used the plastic and cheap metal kind before and the magnets that hold the 2 pieces together seem to disintegrate  leading me to infer that magnetic metal shavings are depositing into the bud. 
    Moral of the story?  Pay for a nice grinder from a reputable company or pay the price with your health. Thanks for the heads up to younger/less knowledgable  members OP + rep
  6. Ive had an acrylic grinder for almost 3 years and its still goin strong, I don't see how pieces of it could come off, like wtf are you grinding, shards of glass?
  7. I used to have a mids grinder. Just a plastic 2pc. You could pop 5 gs in that thing and it would end up fine as hell. Never had a problem like yours.

    I've seen cheap metal grinders that do that though
  8. dude plastice just gives you a stong buzz i used to wrap plastic wrap on my joints to get a crack like high call me crazy idc i love it
    Yeah that's pretty crazy.
    Yeaaaah smoke plastic hail satan!11!one!!1eleven
  11. I hate plastic grinders. Get a good one, they last forever, and make smoking better.
    That is like inhaling poison.  For your own sake you shouldn't do that.  Just get better bud if you want to get that trashed.
    Really? No.. I really mean REALLY?
  14. I agree. its dangerous. inhaling poison. You should not do it!
  15. IMO, Grinders are not needed unless you are planning on catching kief......I prefer to break up buds with my hand......even if some THC is lost in my fingers....
  16. Quit smoking that brick weed, its nasty... Get you some nice indoor grown nugs grown locally, its more expensive, but way better.
    I've seen a $70 high end metal, 4 piece grinder from the head-shop's teeth break before from trying to break up commercial brick weed in it.
    By the time they are done stepping on it, and it travels across the country in some dudes tire, you don't have any quality left. You probably got a headache from shards of seeds in your weed.
    Oh and commercial crops like that are never dried, cured and stored properly. Spliff as in mixing with tobacco? Gross
  17. Yes, and also, the aluminum grinders leave dirt and oxidized aluminum shavings in the weed too....yuk!! That's why everyone recommends stainless steel.
  18. I break up nugs with my fingers love the smell that lingers and the sticky icky feeling you got to bond with the plant man!
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    I will not tell you how to live your life, but I just want to let you know that this is something that will end up destroying you :(

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