Beware of Budaroma!!!

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  1. They do not have great customer service like they boast online, and I beliveve most good posts about budaroma are ghost posts.. I've called and called and emailed and emailed and nothing!!! No emails sent back, the time period they said they would get back to me was in 24 to 48 hours via automated email response.. Nothing yet, no tracking number, in fact nothing at all as far as correspondence form BudAroma!!! Buyer beware, they are NOT a good or competent business and are stealing hard earned money form good people... I would've much rather had my seeds than post this, but I'm so pissed off that I got screwed over by this company...
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  2. fails ...3 years now and 100% germination rate....3 weeks or less to receive.


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  3. i had ordered from them a bit ago... i made a thread about it. Since then ive e mailed them twice and no reply.

    they suck and its lame that the advertise its an american based shop but from what ive read that its in spain or someplace
  4. Thanks bro! I can't beliveve I let these dirt bags scam me.. Plaeas stay away from BudAroma!
  5. Try Single Seed Center. Their support is great. I get replies within 20 minutes. And budaroma are scam artists
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  6. Thanks bro, will do..
  7. If you want your money back from them just tell your bank that they scammed you.
  8. I can do that? I gonna try that asap!! Thanks again..
  9. You can request a charge back (depending on the bank) for up until 6-12 months! But first see what it says on the credit card statement. Don't let your bank know what you were buying
  10. The payment center is a place called BA Stores and that's what is on my statement, so I think I'm good there. The bad part is, I really wanted those seeds lol..
  11. Go to Single seed center or I love growing marijuana. I love growing marijuana has the best seeds I have ever seen. They are pricy, but honestly, when they grow, they can handle tough situations, and I have had a 100% germination rate with them. And what country are you in and when did you order those seeds anyway? Because I am from South Africa and it takes up to 3 months for seeds to arrive here.. lol (shitty postal service)
  12. I'm in brasil ...ordered from and they got here in 17 days BREAKING every world record ...the mail system here is a fuckin coon riding a donkey and they don't ride during the day. VERY slow and alot stealing going on...believe me ...they take a day to respond emails and 3 to send out the seeds but YOU will not regret it...


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  13. I don't mean to bragggg but the South African Postal service is worse than Brasils :)
  14. Dam, 3 months? I'm in the US and I ordered 9 days ago. It's not the shipping time I'm complaining about lol, it's the service or lack there of.. They boast 24 hour messegeing,(1st LIE).. (2nd LIE) They say they are based in Colorado, they might be based there but seeds come from Spain.. (3 LIE) They boast fast shipping and processing in 1 to 4 days.. (4th LIE) There automated email says they will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours..Still waiting! (5th LIE) They have a 1 hour return email service, that was Monday and I'm still waiting... Just from the start, doing business with this so called company that you can't get a hold ANYONE of after you purchase..
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  15. The same exact thing happened to me. They will send auto email confirmations, your voice mails go unanswered, and nothing will be shipped to you. They claim to be a Colorado company but they are not located in the states.
  16. alot of companies are like this.
    i dont get it, you have a chance to earn business, but you fuck up the opportunity
    it dont make sense

    im going though the same thing with a mechanic, i havnet had a car for almost a year because of his shitty work....he says he has a warrenty, but he wants me to pay anyways
    and then he calls out the blue telling me to pay now or hes going to use his mechanic lein to take my car and sell it...

    uh ha...thats why he does a shitty job. he steals peoples car's this way

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