Beward of Militant Barbers and Cosmotologists; A Case Against Occupational Licensing

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    I do not have to look for a license - they'd be out of business if they didn't have one. Maybe there are outlaw shops that are operating, I never thought about it - but I doubt that anything that looked like a decent place would be one of them. Maybe you'd find some in ethnic enclaves, where I probably wouldn't be getting a haircut anyway.

    I don't always get haircuts while travelling, sometimes the temperature is hotter than I expected, as in Virginia last summer, so I decided to pop into a high-end salon for a wash and trim. It worked out because I had an affair to attend and I looked, and felt, better
  2. Yeah, werd, we need licensing to teach people not to act like dirty needle sharing heroine addicts. :rolleyes:
  3. If the government did not require barbers and shops to be licensed, then I would only go to places that belonged to a voluntary private organization that had health and safety standards, training requirements, subjected to inspections, etc. It might cost more than the cheapo, no-standards, places - but the assurance of quality would be worth it.
  4. I guess I ran an outlaw barber shop for 5 years in college while I cut my friends hair for them. I'll admit that the bathrooms or living rooms I normally cut hair at didn't look much like barber shops, but they were definitely decent looking places. College is an enclave though.
  5. A license doesn't mean the business will automatically be better, cleaner, etc. Tell me, what does paying a large fee (Plus a yearly fee) on-top of 'training' for a year, mean? It means you spent money, and will continue to, to retain a special title (YAY!!!!) and you spent a year of your life learning something simple over, and over, and over again.

  6. A.) you think I've got time to research the safety of everything i use? Quack that mess.
    B.)There's almost zero acountability in a world with only privately owned regulatory companies. Oh guess what, the stock holders arnt happy, guess we better aprove the takeover of the USDA by the cattle farmers of american group.
  7. A. What are you talking about? Straw man much?

    B. Private regulatory companies are better than public ones. If a private company has zero accountability then how do they still exist?
  8. There's almost zero accountability in a world with only ignorant, uninformed individuals who laud their own ignorance and lack of motivation to do research and attain knowledge. ;)

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