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betty crocker for edibles???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allnaturalxx420, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. This should probably be under edible section but I know ill get answers here, so i plan on making edibles tommorow. Ive atempted to make a firecracker once and it didnt work so i was thinking of an easy way to make an edible.Will a betty crocker instant peanut butter mix thing work for edibles??? can i just mix it up grind weed and mix togeather and cook. cookies take 20 min to cook is that enough? also if i wanna make 4 cookies and used 2 gs (.5 each cookie) will it be strong, should i add more or less? WIll this even work ? any help will be appreciated.
  2. However much time you have, you're best off making canna oil, or clarified canna butter.. it's worth noting that, the less time you have, the more crucial it is that you're using good materials and 'edible solvents'. :)

    If you can follow any of the below instructions to the letter, fantastic!

    If not, just follow as closely as possible, and at the VERY LEAST decarb and activate the potency in your herb, before submerging in the hot oil/butter your recipe calls for, for at least a few minutes (following the below tutorials, again, would be more ideal), before adding it to your boxed/bagged cookie or brownie mix. :smoke:

    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Canna Oil (starting with flowers/bud/trim etc)

    Med-Grade Canna Oil


    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to BHO, but made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-


    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Hash Oil (starting with dry-sift hash, same as capsule recipe, oil can also be used for cooking)

    Med-Grade Hash Oil


    Cut corners, and the dosing or amount you'll need will begin to vary, you'll need more, and more, to achieve the desired effect.

    Edible cannabis can be MORE powerful, and it can provide longer-lasting effects, than you would achieve by smoking the same material... but only with the correct level of processing. ;)
  3. thanks man and decarb is just wrapping it in aluminim foil and baking for a while right?
  4. Will it work if i decarb the bud first.And then just mix the batch of cookies and cook as normal, and still have a potent finished product?
  5. If you have a low enough tolerance, and eat enough all at once.

    Just keep in mind that you'll be missing out on, or wasting, around a minimum of two or three doses, per each functional dose.

    We use the edible solvents we do, not just to strip the potency from the inert plant matter alone, but because oils (and alcohols, glycerin etc.), are responsible for facilitating absorption, without creating a solution, we pass more potency 'in one end and out the other' than we absorb!

    In other words you will have a stronger experience, and two or three times the total number of edibles, by processing correctly. So try to at LEAST heat your butter/oil up on the stove, and toss the herb in it first, before mixing it with the batter/mix, rather than just dumping the herb directly in the powdered mix or the finished batter/dough itself. :)

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