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    :smoke:wut up guys thought i let all u guys that watch any kind of sport closely that theres a website where u can bet and make cash. they start u out with $00.10 and u can build it up till you could get that new piece of glass u always wanted or take a nice vacation and smoke on a Zip you won on betting in sports. heres the site

    so far ive made about $558.03

    not spam trust me
  2. this is what the site says...

    "Hi everyone, we're doing maintenance.
    We expect to be back up later this afternoon. Hold tight!

  3. yes they had to change some stuff on the sites setting due to all the new people joining it is up and runnin full function right now:smoking:
  4. ive read the FAQ on that site and i wanna make sure i got this straight..

    you are betting with play money.. once you get over $10, you can cash that out for REAL money? how? paypal? check? how exactly do you get the cash?
  5. they mail u a check
  6. ok so before i do anything....they give you .10 free play money and then if you work that up to 10 bucks it becomes real money?
  7. ya .10 to start with and u gota build it up once u enough you can cash out they send u an email and all that junk with where to send it
  8. just cashed out with $56.08:hello:
  9. Anybody used this site recently? I've seen a few of these sites and they all turned out to be scams.... not saying this site is necessarily....
  10. Sites legit man, I use it all the time because there's absolutely ZERO risk involved.

    They give you the 0.10c play money (that you can top up at anytime) and once youve accumulated enough winnings you can cash out what youve won for real money.

    Its all done through the online advertising, all completely risk-free, def take advantage of it they give out bonuses and shit on your bets too. If your good at sports betting def give this site a try you have nothing to lose.
  11. ya everyone at my college uses this site its completely legit and it is real money go for it:)

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