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Better way to make fire crackers?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mjmama25, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Instead of putting peanut butter and weed on gram crackers, why not just mix your ground bud into the peanut butter and let it sit a couple days, then smear that on fresh gram crackers and eat? No nasty stale crackers and no baking.
  2. It's going to taste like shit either way, I'd just keep it on the cracker.
  3. I try to recommend, when I'm in a thread where firecrackers come up, that if you have the time to prepare in advance, you should: decarb, then barely dampen your material in grapeseed, olive, or canola oil etc., jar it, and allow it to sit for several days or a week in a somewhat warm spot, if possible. You can store it a bit longer if you like and actually complete the process, before removing it to a cooler area; it keeps well for months. You can prepare a bunch in advance.

    It's very discreet, and by the time you get around to mixing it in peanut butter and making your firecracker, whether you only let it sit a couple days or longer, you will have much greater bioavailability.

    Firecrackers seem, for most folks, to be a 'spur of the moment' kind of deal though. :)
  4. True about them being spur of the moment. I just can't fathom eating soggy gram crackers. I read about people making them and letting them sit for a week, then eating them...yuck! I'v mixed bud into peanut better and kept it in the fridge. Then I could make chocolates and PB&J sandwiches whenever I wanted. Just pot peanut butter on some toast isn't bad.
  5. @BadKittySmiles.... When you say "barely dampen your material", do you mean you should dip your weed in some olive oil, then take it out and store it? Or, do you mean you should put your put in the oil, and leave it in the oil? Also, if I were to do this, would I have to strain the weed out of the oil when finished processing, and just use the THC infused oil to put into the firecrackers?
  6. I think she means just putting a little bit of oil in the jar with your ground pot to aid in decarbing. Not so much oil it's swimming, just enough to wet it. Then you can use the bud material to make firecrackers or other edibles. I could be wrong, but that's how I took it.
  7. Thanks a lot for your help. So is that method she mentioned another way to make canna-oil? Will the THC bind to the fat in the oil naturally over time, maybe a week?
  8. Yeah, you can make canna oil by grinding your bud really fine (I like to use a coffee grinder) and soaking the bud for about a week. I like to leave it outside in the sun to sun brew like sun brewed tea. ^^Ms Kitty gave me the tip to cover the jar with black cloth to make it get even hotter in the sun. She's more educated about canna edibles than anyone I know.
  9. Thats awesome. Is this method of making canna-oil more potent than cooking the oil with weed?
  10. Not more potent, just easier. I do it because I have kids and don't want to make my house smell like pot when cooking the oil.

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