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better to grind up bud or break it up with fingers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonerwiz420, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. i'm about to roll a blunt with the bud i posted in the stash jar forum, and i'm wondering if i should break up the bud with my fingers or just grind it up, i've never rolled a blunt by breaking it up but the last time mine was rolled with ground up bud, it didn't last too long (didn't use a roller but now i do). so that's just about it, i'm wondering if rolling a blunt will burn faster with ground up or broken up weed, i am going to use my rolling machine for this one. please respond ASAP, thanks.  STAY STONEY!!!

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    you should grind it up first. this will result in much more even burn
  3. if you skill your blunt it won't matter.
  4. fa sho, thanks, good first answer, i appreciate it, it seems like some people here comment negatively, in fact i just reported a user for writing nasty comments on my posts, i appreciate the answer, stay stoney!!!
  5. Grinder's always best, you get the kief too!
  6. breaking it up with hands wastes weed for the most part. it depends if its flaky, easy to break bud or some sticky dense stuff. if it breaks down easily enough, sometimes i like to save the time
  7. Grinder

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  8. thanks for the replies, i just rolled the blunt and will post the picture here, used the grinder
  9. Grinders always better than breaking it up with your hands, just don't grind it too fine.
  10. i use my fingers, when i smoke out of a bowl.  and grinder for blunts
  11. Grinder always the # choice although the other day i broke down by hand for nostalgia sake
  12. I agree with pum

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