Better Luck for Florida in 2016

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  1. Although Florida fell just short with 58% of 60% needed to pass Amendment 2, it definitely shows Floridians want a change towards legalization! Congrats to Oregon and Alaska and the District of Washington D.C. for stepping up with recreational legalization. Hopefully these positive steps forward will continue to persuade those against or unsure that MJ is not the misleading dangerous drug that the government has been brainwashing people with for decades.

    Attorney John Morgan, who helped by funding 4 million dollars to get the measure on the ballot, stated he will continue to work to put another measure for November 2016. We must keep our heads up, soon we'll have our day! 😀
  2. it's a big win for the nation overall.. with other states and d.c. voting for legalization. 
    florida with 58% voting "yes" is still pretty amazing... yes, the 60% threshold is lame, but overwhelming majority over a million people (3 mil yes / 2 mil no) voted for mmj. 
  3. I was glued to the news all day yesterday until midnight. Filled with so much disappointment. If they don't make some kind of legalization of decriminalization then something will definitely pass in 2016. I'm sick of this state..
  4. Yea I was watching all night too, saw it creep from 57% to 58% and thought that it would make it to 60 since there was only about 3/4 of all precincts reporting. Woke up to a let down to say the least.
  5. We may not have won the battle this day but we will win the war gentlemen. Hopefully the house of representatives will pick this fumble up and run with it.
  6. Gentlemen,

    Can you not put in legislation to show that 2% of vote is not a huge margin to overcome b

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