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  1. hey all, this is my first post and first time growing. I ordered  5 diamond girl feminized seeds from greenhouse seed co. and I'm looking to get my guerilla grow started! 
    I have been looking at many threads and I found one that I am likely to go by. I found a nice place to plant them, secluded and away from any trails by a fair bit. 
    this is the guide I am following, ANY TIPS OR CHANGES YOU WOULD MAKE TO THIS PLEASE COMMENT! Thanks ya'll
    Step 1: Germinating seeds

    Things needed for germination:
    Feminized Seeds
    A tupperware container
    Some white paper towels
    Clean water
    20-15-15 soil

    Step 1: Gather all the items needed for germination.
    Step 2: Place a wet paper towel sheet in the tupperware.
    Place the seeds on top of the wet paper towel.
    Place two more wet paper towels on top of the seeds.
    Step 3: Close the container and put it in a warm dark area.
    Normal room temperature is fine.
    Step 4: Check your seeds twice daily, allowing fresh air to 
    reach the seeds. Do not touch the seeds at all!
    If the paper towels seem to be drying out, spoon some more water in.
    Step 5: Eventually, you will see a root tip begin to emerge, never mess
    with the root tip, it is the entire future of your plant.
    Step 6: Time to make a pot to hold the seeds. Party cups with holes at 
    the bottom are my choice for now.
    Step 7: Fill the cup with 20-15-15 soil, water it well, then set it aside to drain
    for about 10 minutes.
    Step 8: Make a small indent in the soil, in the middle of your pot.
    Your seeds want to be planted only about 1 inch deep. Any more than
    that and they will not survive. Also only 1 seed per cup.
    Step 9: Transfer the germinated seeds into the hole very carefully.
    You want to try to get the root tip pointing down but be careful because
    too much movement will ruin your germinated seeds.
    Step 10: Cover the seed with a bit of loose soil, Then cover them with baggies
    to hold the moisture in.
    Step 11: Check them daily but never touch or water them. Leave them alone!
    Step 12: If done correctly, your plant should begin to sprout in about 1-10 days. 
    You may now remove the plastic baggie.
    Step 13: You can now begin to water again. A general rule of thumb is to wait
    until the upper layer has dried out before you sprinkle with water again.
    Step 14: After 1-2 weeks the seedlings will be strong enough to be moved
    into a larger container.

    Step 2: Growing your plants / Flowering

    Things needed for growing:
    Ladybug eggs
    Good Fertilizer
    PH scale

    Step 1: Dig out your area where they are going to be planted. Apply 10-30-20 
    fertilizer to the ground to give the plant added nutrients. Mix with soil.
    Step 2: Your now going to take your plants and move them into the ground.
    They should be planted no more than 1 inch in the ground.
    Step 3: Apply your ladybug eggs around your grow site, these little
    lifesavers will kill all the bugs trying to get at your beautiful plants.
    Step 4: Water the plants only when the soil feels dry, checking your PH
    before you water them, normal PH level is 6.3-6.9
    If you have done all the steps correctly you will begin to see flowers 
    start to bloom over the next 2 weeks.
    Step 5: Its time to get rid of the males, they can ruin your end product.
    Use a search engine to find pictures of males to better help you pick them out.
    Step 6: Just continue to give the plants water and fertilizer. Remembering not
    to give them too much. After some weeks of flowering the plants will become heavy with
    buds. Resin building has started and a shiny layer of little crystals begins to cover it.
    Step 7: You will begin to see brown hairs emerge, that means you have about 3 more
    weeks until harvest, Stop giving your plants fertilizer about 10 days before your 
    estimated harvest date.
    Step 8: For the last ten days, just give your plants PH adjusted water, just enough so
    they will survive off of that. The less water is in the plant's system when harvesting,
    the sooner the buds will be dry.

    Step 3: Harvesting / Drying

    Things needed for harvesting:

    Step 1: Start removing the big fan leaves.
    Step 2: Take a scissor and cut away all the other leaves, so you are only left with
    stem, side branches and buds.
    Step 3: Save the leaves and dry separately, you may be able to make hash out of it.
    Step 4: Cut the stem right above the soil and hang it upside down in a dark, well 
    ventilated place for at least a week. This may be required to be moved indoors now.
    Step 5: Clip the buds from the stems and give them about another week to dry.
    The buds are ready to be smoked if they make a snapping sound when you bend them.

    Step 4: Curing

    Things needed for curing:
    Glass airtight jars

    Step 1: Just store them at a cool and dark place and open the lid occasionally to
    give the buds some air. Although the buds are ready to smoke, you can increase smell,
    taste and smoothness by curing
  2. with that much ferts your gonna fry your seeds before they even start to break soil.
    Try just soaking them in water over night and putting them into a seedling soil. then cover with baggies and wait.
    If u go organic, u wont have to watch your ph for the most part. 

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