Better in 10 gal for autos?

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  1. Hi guys! I'm new to this thread/site but I am an Arizona patient authorized to cultivate! I have auto ultimate x (6), purple kush auto x (10), that shiznit auto x (9), auto cheese x (4), super skunk auto x(4),

    This is my very first grow for me and the other patients liscenced to cultivate the 12 plants allowed in Arizona. This is my very first grow in general actually.
    Ok down to details details details!!

    3 x 600w platnium l.e.d panels
    1 x 150w platnium led


    10 gallon air pots w happy frog mixed w 30-ish percent WASHED(do you wash?)perlite.

    Just gave the first light supplements and nutes @ 25 days old and the majority of the plants are 1+ meter high and all showing female pre flowers.
    All auto-fem seeds.
    3 seeds did not make it out of the 36 I did for house limit, but I am seeing growth that surpasses any other rate of growth I've seen or heard of. Truly amazing genetics and so happy so far. Begging going well, did two or so weeks on just the veg spectrum then kicked it up to full spectrum and they really took off. Mild cal-mag def. but adjusted and ph h20 made them shoot right up after I supplemented for seeing rust spots around week 3.
    Some plants did not release from their shell after sprouting and I had to do mini surgery but in the end it all worked out.they look really good and I'm hoping that I get a good harvest. Fastest I've ever seen plants grow, any species of plant for that matter. Great strains and great lights with great soul will make great great bud! Hopefully, like unsaid, this is my first rodeo.
    Dynagrow nutes @ 1/4 strength. For 2 weeks every 2/3rd feeding, then switch to bloom when vertical stops? Right!?
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