Better if i start again!?!?!

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  1. Let's try...

    As i said in my presentation, i grow outdoor since early 90ies.
    At the moment i have just started my first (well, it's not the REAL first, but i'll talk about this in another occasion) indoor setup.
    So be polite about this one! :D

    The first image is a sativa we have breeded here from african seeds(4 different strains) about 8 years ago.
    It's very well suited for our climate.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. what a mess i did...

    if someone wants/can do a better work ...well, i won't be offended for sure.

    stay safe
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  3. high

    You got to use the image code at the bottom..Try that..I deleted a couple of those bad post..Don't worry you will get it..Try 1 pic at a time..That may help..Stay cool..

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