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Better high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ugeman420, May 27, 2003.

  1. for those that have been blazing for a while, does anyone else get this happen to them? like my highs now aren't as good as my hihgs when i first started. i still get baked but its just a little bit less, is there any way to make them better. i duno if its a tolerance thing or maybe just bad bud, but i just wanted to see if anyoneelse has this happen to them. peace
  2. Stop smoking for a few weeks then when you get high it will be better
  3. it's definitely the tolerance. Just stop for a week and see if it makes a difference.
  4. It might be tolerance or it might just be that u got sum shitty weed, but i would just go out and buy sum good green and then ull get baked quicker and better.
  5. I don't find the highs I get now worse, different yes, but not worse, I still have laughing fits occasionally and I still get pretty dam high. It does make me more mellow than it used to but I've smoked everyday for the past 2 plus years though. I have no intention to stop for a week.
  6. tolerance like everyone has been saying..... buy some good weed, and stop for a week or 2 and then u will get a great high!
  7. smoke more weed simple!
  8. Just wait a few days atleast, a week is a good amount, but a will definately be BLAZED out of your mind. I just gave it a four day or so rest and I'm happy and blazed now off a bowl.
  9. I quit for a month because I thought I was going to be drug tested, only on the day of the so called "test" to find out that they wouldn't be urinalysissing my piss till the next month. but, oh yeah, I got higher than a mother fucker that day i didn't have to take a test, cause a month is a long time... yeah. that guy a few posts back was right about what a month's time will do to your tolerance. gone!
  10. ive heard of people buying those detoxifying agents to cleanse their body since i think not sure though that tolerance is nothing more than the amount of thc that is in your body....i smoke every single day and my tolerance is high as well but if you think about it what is tolerance...just like anything our bodies need time to recover before they can go run a marathon but you can still run it, you might not do as well or even finish the race but you can still run in the middle of that race if you take a nap and relax then wake up and start running again youll probalby be way better im thinking maybe ill just buy a body cleanser wait a day and then blaze a big ass fat blunto....ill become the lab rat....hey maybe itll work and ill be back to the "does it feel like your in movie??" kind of highs..
  11. Yeah, it gets not as cool after a while. One thing you can do is just quit for a while. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Another thing you could do is try new things, like gravity bongs, shotguns, regular bongs, and cronic. That should liven things up.
  12. i was like that too, but this stuff i got now gets me high like never before! the dude called it white widow.. i dunno, its some awesome shit. try getting those really awesome strains i would suggest.


  13. It's quite possible that this is the case. However I would have to say that time is a much more practical way of cleansing your body than a detoxifying cleanser. They are much too pricey. :)
  14. how many times must we go through this..

    i think im about to post something i've posted atleast half a dozen times before...

    taking a break is a nesecity to keeping you high.. HIGH.
    a week+ every month or two should keep your highs high.
  15. hey thanks to all of you who responded. its good to know that people are willing to help out, even if the problem is one that has already been posted. peace

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