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  1. Hey. Would I get a better high from a better vaporizer. Ie would I get a better high from the volcano than the pax with same amount of herbs ? Because I always read that the volcano has the best vapor . But what does that mean ? Better high?
  2. I have a PAX and a Volcano, the high will be pretty much the same.  All vaporizers will be pretty much the same high, what changes is the bud and the temperatures that you choose to set your devices at.
    What also may change is if you have a shitty vaporizer and it combusts your bud instead of vaporizing it
  3. Thanks man. So vapor quality has more to do with taste ,density. But not that it will get you higher than a lesser vape quality ? If that makes sense
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    A better vape won't get you "higher" but it can use the weed more efficiently.
    A better vape will show and hold the correct temperature which will allow you to control your vaping more precisely, which means less combustion, which means cleaner vape, more hits, and better ABV leftovers to use for edibles.
    A better vape such as the volcano with its own fan and bags can more easily capture large amounts of vapor and store them for you to gobble up, so you get more efficiency out of that as well.
    So it does get you higher but it doesn't, a better vape will just make it easier to get more THC out of the plant that's already in it, so in that way I guess it can get you higher.
    I... think? Vapor quality is more so linked to heat. If you run too hot your weed will start to combust and you'll get smoke instead of vapor, which is what gives a nasty taste.
    Here's a trick for you to try out. Take a glass and run it under some water so that it's wet, and put a little water at the bottom of it and then stick the glass in the freezer for an hour or so. Next time you vape take it out and exhale your vapor into it. The cold of the glass will make your vapor visible and you'll be able to see much how much you're blowing out.
  5. Got it Thanks again.

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