Beta Radiation in Your Pacific Based Products

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    Hi all,
    So, this is about Fukushima and the possibility that any products you are using that are Pacific Ocean based could contain all sorts of radioactive waste right now including beta radiation.  Don't listen to the media, Fukushima is destroying our Pacific Ocean as we speak.  There are studies that have shown that a wild Blue Fin fish will swim back between Japan and the U.S. as much as 2-3 times a year.  These fish contain 4-6x the amount of radiation in the past 2 years as prior to the Fukushima accident.  Not only is this post to raise awareness about your own health and safety, but your plants' as well.  Make sure everything you put in your soil; fish meal, fish bone meal, crab meal, compost, etc. are no longer sourced from the Pacific Ocean.  I hate to say it, but I think we are in the age of the death of the Pacific Ocean.  Radiation cannot be reversed let alone an incident the size of an ocean.  
    Multiple nuclear physicists around the world have called for the FDA and EPA to start radiation testing all imported and wild fish being sold for consumption.  The government has declined to test basically saying it costs too much and it could destroy the market by causing panic.  
    I know I will no longer be sourcing my amendments from the Pacific, as that amount of radiation in my soil is death to the microbial life.  The levels of radiation are only getting higher.  This is something that affects all of us, especially our farming styles.  

    that burns me bad.. that's the whole reason we have these bloated bureaucratic agencies in the first place, for stuff like this.
    thanks for the info man..

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