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  1. Im hoping to chop in 2 weeks... I dunno howlong but eve
  2. Where is the question? Like 62% humidity, keep it out of direct light, etc? Be more specific :/
  3. Not trying to be smart. But its done growing i chop it.. N what lol. Hang the whole plant... Or trim the buds n then lay em out on a table???
  4. If your too lazy to read that, this is what i do:
    - Cut off 16 inch bud stems, and trim lazily while leaving the flowers on the stems
    - Wash stemmed bud in a 5 gallon bucket of lukewarm water with 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of lemon juice flowed by a 5 gallon bucket of warm water, and finish the cleaning with a 5 gallon bucket of cold water
    - Wait 24 hours then trim bud (still on stem) very well.
    - Hang stems upside down in a dark room with a temperature of 65 degrees, a humidity of 50% and with a circulating fan inside for 5 to 15 days
    - When the bud feel slightly crunchy on the outside, the smaller stems snap instead of bend, and the buds easily pull off the stems, the weed is ready.
  5. U can do it either way Taz up to you you can hang whole plant or cut it up but it's faster if you seperate stems from weed stems take longer to dry

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  6. What's the purpose of washing the buds?
    I have heard about it, but haven't actually seen anyone do it unless dealing with pm, or molds

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  7. It's mostly some outdoor growers that do it, not necessary but think of how sticky the buds are.. and how much shit is in the air to cling to them, possible pests, etc. Im sure a few indoor growers do it for the same reasons (even pet hair). But I think for indoor grows, if you keep your grow area clean and put screens on intakes, proper ventilation, etc. there really shouldn't be a reason to ever do it. But whatever works for them I guess :)
  8. Its a pain shit took 2 days. 8hrs each 1501650178048.jpg 1501650195791.jpg 1501650205936.jpg 1501650213272.jpg
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