Bestva 1000w led anyone used them

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Lindsay 420, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Looking to swap over from 400 hps/mh to decent size led on a budget come across these n are couple hundred on eBay just wondering if anyone's used them
  2. just bought one, about to hang it up now, whats the results like? moving from mars 400w led to this bestva 1000w led, both possible to go inside its 1.2x.1.2x1.4
  3. Just cropped around 14 oz off 4 plants in a 4 x 4 with the 1500 w light :) verry nice smoke to lots resin.
  4. I'd run both lol :) why not
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  5. i have done made it 18 inch above, how high is yours and what van you get awaty with in flowering
  6. that's good, got 4 autos going, just in preflower, moved them both to 18 inch although I had the mars 2 400 at 12inch before adding the bestva 1000w, it says 18, what height did you get away with with your 1500w
  7. At
    at end would have been between 12 and 18 man the really close ones started to foxtail a tiny bit but bugger all n it said to hang it 3 feet above them haha
  8. I had a few of the 1000's then I got rid and went up to the 1800 bestva and they are ok they will get you by and you can grow some ok size colas with them but I wasn't impressed so I did away with Chinese made lights and I now currently have 2 black diamond perfect sun mini's. They are only 125w lights and they are crazy for the light output and the small wattage. But I'm looking to sell them they not what I want still I paid $180 for each and they are only a couple months old and hardly been used. I'd recommend something like that...Great light imo

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  9. thanks but was 2 months ago lol. got it now, starting next grow so should see difference as was half way through last time
  10. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Nothing wrong with bestva mate I run a 1500w panel have this and last grow n yeah I think it works jusssssstt fine
  11. I have two. Love them!

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