Best youtube video ever

Discussion in 'General' started by iHeartGanja, May 12, 2011.

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    Edit: make sure you click on the actual video cause I think it only works if you play it from the youtube website.
  2. Fuck why isn't it working.
  3. what??? thats was deff the coolest thing ever!!

  4. Did it work for you? It won't load for me after I choose.
  5. Ohh I got it.
  6. Nothing loads after I clicked to not shoot it :confused:
  7. bahahahahaaaaa
    thats fukin great
  8. Type "smoke weed with a bear" and see what happens. lol
  9. HAHAHAHAHHHA i typed man gets high with a bear and thats exactly what happened HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA, though it shows no smoking, but it does show them both looking way too high for their own good
  10. Hahaha so many possibilities..
  11. Fucking awesome.
  12. type in "shot" a bear. lmao its not going to be what your expecting
  13. +rep, really cool

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