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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PAS550, Feb 1, 2023.

  1. Just starting to read up on growing. Would like to know some good Youtube channels that I can follow along with to gain more knowledge. Which are the best ones? Nothing is worse than watching videos that waste your time lol
  2. Just grow all videos waste time
    besides you are being educated? thru some other persons Idea of the subject
    that in 'mercia means anyone can call themselves doctor, weed professor, or some such

    most growers screw their first grow so get it over quicker and without the confusion

    this coming from a guy that owns: Movies lol

    good luck
  3. Look up Dr Bruce Bugbee, ignore everyone else.
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  4. Does he have his own channel? I see several channels with vids from him. From Seed To Stoned and Apogee Instruments
  5. I think Apogee Instruments is his channel. Source doesn't really matter the guy knows his shit and is backed by tons of research.
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  6. I watched more after my first grow. Prior my first grow, I read, read, read on here and on other sites. Learn to use the search bar here as there's more knowledge that's available in these forums than any one person could possibly consume.

    A website I still end up using is as a nice, fairly complete, basic guide. Some of my favorite YouTube channels were: Future Cannabis Project, Michigan Bros Grow Show, Adam Dunn Show, and various other rabbit holes.

    I also googled "best YouTube channels for growing cannabis" and there were several sites with top 10 lists. A lot of them mentioned similar channels. Start there if watching video is your thing. I'd also recommend watching some basic gardening videos too. It is a plant.
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  7. I have done my fair share of Youtubin' for bud and usually I can tell in less than a minute in if it's gonna be a waste of time. LOL. Hopefully you find something that's good for you. Best of luck!
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  8. BassdropkkeysYFNN, Mr. Canucks Grow, Bill Ward, The Hippie Geeks. The way to tell what really works is to see what they all say in common. They basically all do the same stuff.
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  9. Buildasoil and Jorge Cervantes are good to. Take most with a grain of salt and learn from your own experiences and mistakes. Personally I enjoy watching other people's journeys, for entertainment purposes only. Canuck as mentioned puts alot of effort into his videos making them entertaining to watch.

    Growingyourgreens is rather boring and is more than growing cannabis, but he'll go over to a guy in cali who grows 10lb per plant, I'll watch those.
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  10. This:rolleyes:
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  11. Dr. Bugbee's advice got me through my first grow - 4 ozs of top shelf weed out of a 3 gallon pot. His suggestion:
    Start growing in a 50/50 mix of Peat and horticultural grade Vermiculite, ammended with dolomitic lime and gypsum. He explains the importance of light intensity in terms of PAR ( photosynthetic active radiation) as well as the environment above and at the root zone. Check his videos out.
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  12. Athena's We the Growers is amazing.
  13. Bill ward, welcome to the grow tent, Mr. Canucks Grow, Garden talk with Mr.grow it..By far most informative..but is a great site as well and obviously here!
    Gc is great but u gotta be able to take the scattered few ppl who come in hot headed, they sometimes forget we're everybody here has been by far my greatest help!!
    There are lots of great sites around that suit everybody's grow styles..but in my honest opinion u learn best by doing, u can read and read all u want, ull still never get it until u do it..
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  14. just started watching some vids from Mr. Canucks Grow. i'm really liking it so far, thx brother
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  15. Haha..any time :) (ps..girls can grow too..bahaha..just sayin):ladiegaga:;)
  16. lol, my fault Missy!! what are you growing right now?
  17. Right now I have 3 sour diesel and 1 grand daddy purple in flower..all from reg seeds and all flowering nicely, The 2 clones in veg are mandarin cookie..this is my first time growing from seed myself, I've always ran exclusively yay me..lmao..but i still have my clones running just in case of herms along the way..I only grow during colder months, due to high humidity in averaging 1-1.5lbs off 4 plants..that does me no problem with plenty to spare between a daily smoker but not a heavy smoker by no means..

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