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Best yield with a 400 watt hps?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by SauchBoss, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. I got a qp my first time with my 400, then i got 8 oz on second harvest, then last night the third grow's final weigh came to 12 oz's.

    i achieved this 12 ounces by putting 15 plants in 2 gallon square buckets in a 2x3' box i made. Got crowded as a mofo. they all got to be about 36 - 40" tall

    I was hoping for a pound, but i thought 12 ounces was good enough....thats about 2 oz/square foot in coco.

    whats ur guys' best yield with one 400 watter? anybody hit the pound mark with a 400??? if so, how was this goal achieved?

    thanks guys
  2. I have 2 400 watters in 2 different rooms, absolutely love them btw. My overall harvest amounts are hard to decipher since I have a staggered crop, and genetics play a big part in your harvest numbers.

    But with using 5 gallon buckets in a 5'x5' room, and doing some various training with bamboo sticks to get all the plants at about the same height, I usually crop about 3-5 O's per plant. That's a good harvest though.
  3. i am on my first grow using my 400watter alongside my old 150hps...i will be the happiest blade if i can achieve results like you guys and your 12oz!!

    i currently have 8 females all different strains but they are already flowering and quite small...i refuse to give up until i get results like you guys are getting so i am on gc every day :hello:
  4. A rule of thumb is an experienced grower with a dialed-in setup can get 1 gram or more per watt, so one pound from a 400w lamp is right about on target.
  5. I got 6.75 oz from my 1st harvest. 2 plants, 400w hps. I also have a bag full of leaves and popcorn buds, thats 3 oz. So 9 oz out of 2 plants. I plan on getting more this time around. I can not speak of limits, as this is only my 2nd grow, but if I can get what I did out of my 1st harvest, i have no problem believing I could eventually near a pound out of my setup. Maybe not with just 2 plants, but I think it could be done with the light.
  6. best harvest w/ a single 400 watter is 10 oz from 4 plants in a scrog each in 5 gallon pots. it was northern bright seeds from nirvana. grew some pretty dense buds

    now I have a 600 watter, doing a perpetual grow, so no more huge harvests every 3 months, but smaller harvests every 3-4 weeks.

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