best yak ive seen

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  1. last night i picked up a 50 bag from my buddy. he told me to be very farful with it it was rocket fuel. boy he wasnt kiddin

    i open the bag and pour it out and its straight up fishscale. i break apart one rock and it was almost mushy. ripped 2 lines and was ROCKED! so apperently thats all i can get is rocket fuel fishscale. no complaints.
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    ^ haha

    i used to get this coke that was super good, it got u fuckin ski'd, but the thing with it though, is one time i bought an 8ball to cookup into crack, put all my shit together.... and nothing, just foggy water

    didnt make any sense, it obviously wasnt coke i guess, but whatever the fuck it was was amazing shit that sure looked like coke, had the fishscale effect n everything

  3. holy shit, that is a good yak.
  4. did you kick my yak?

  5. I'd hit that
    damn fine ass lookin' yak
  6. straight fire. nothing else need apply.

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