Best/Worst Point In Your Life

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  1. Just wondering about some of you guys life experiences and what are some of the things you went through/overcame so what was the best point in your life and what was the worst part of your life so far?

    My best point was being 18 and receiving a settlement from a car accident and also working a job and had a great girlfriend and just switched schools and was making great grades and was able to graduate. My worst is from the beginning of 2015 to now when I had a psychotic episode which pretty much ruined my life and now I'm struggling day to day to stay afloat and live a decent life.
  2. My worst was when my first wife and I were getting divorced. Was pretty much a couple years of hell but there was a rock bottom.

    My best was living at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Working as a bartender in a tiny bar in the evenings and hanging out down on the lake where we bathed during the day. Smoked herb quite a lot and enjoyed a very simple slow life.
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  3. I hope you move past this rough patch soon buddy.
  4. Sorry it took a while but gc wouldn't load. Thanks your awesome man but yeah I can see a divorce being hard I'm still young but I can't even imagine getting married but that second half sounds awesome dude a slow life is good sometimes
  5. Life's always been up and down for me, mostly Down. There was never a Best period, nor a Worst period.

    I'd say, the best moment of my life was getting hit on by a French chick in the women's toilet inside a bar.

    The worst moment of my life was hearing about my grandma's death, holding a dead cat in my arms, losing a $1500 laptop to a bottle of beer.. ... running away from home.... showing my dad one of my high school reports... etc.
  6. Oh wow that does sound rough but I'm sure there have been better moments than that and unfortunately death is everywhere and part of all of our lives. And those other things sound hard that time but you got through them and are still standing afterwards
  7. my worst is now. idk what is going on in my brain.

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  8. Well my worse for me was my highschool years up until junior and senior year. I was overweight, socially awkward, and lazy. Starting sophomore year I lost weight got fit and gained confidence so basically everyday I'm
    Happy :). Tomorrow is my first dental assisting practice with an actual dentist, I'm Nervous and excited.

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  9. I have gained a lot of weight in the last year so I need to start working out too but you doing it shows me hey it's possible lol
  10. What's going on man
  11. For sure! I use to be 250 and went to 170 but I'm 6'3, once I started lifting I realized I was too skinny so now I'm solid at 210. Still need to drop 20 pounds and I'll look leaner. Goodluck on your journey! Once you got everything down its super easy, people tend to complicate losing weight.

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  12. Yeah that's around the amount of weight I need to lose, any pointers? That is awesome though that you could do it
  13. Figure out your caloric intake for the day. You can google this and it gives you rough estimate of calories you should consume per day, download MyFitnessPal. For example mine is 3,200, I eat 2,600-2,700 to lose a pound per week and 3,500 to gain one pound per week. And 3,200 to maintain my weight obviously water weight will always differ by day. Foods I recommend is chicken, tuna, tilapia, rice , beans , eggs etc. just try to avoid processed food and you can have a cheat meal once a week if you'd like. Drink tons of water and you can also Google more stuff and visit channels on YouTube. Cheers ! :)

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  14. I had two worst days.

    In April 2000, being in a hospital, watching my father draw his last breath.

    Just as bad although completely different, was being told on April 4, 2012, that I had prostate cancer.
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  15. That's easy the worst is when I was locked up for 3 years back in Jamaica or it could be the time I got stabbed. the best is when I had my daughter Kyra she is my world..
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  16. Oh wow that sounds awful
  17. It is lbvs I never want to be in prison again.
  18. I'm facing jail time this month so I kind of feel your pain
  19. sorry to hear that man how long are you facing in there?
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    I could face up to a year in jail but no idea really what is gonna happen this month at court but I'm more likely looking at 15 to 30 days

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