Best/Worst dealers youve had

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  1. What were some of the qualities of the best/worst dealers you've had?

    WORST: One of my dealers managed to lose the bag on his way to come meet me. I was literally about to hand him the money, as he was searching all over his body for the missing bag. Another time, I went to meet with this guy who didn't have a scale, so he spent a few minutes trying to get an amount that looked "about right" to him, and ripped me off a little...

    BEST: I've had a dealer that wouldn't charge any if you smoked it with him. And general things like; being honest about the quality of the bud (not trying to pass off mids as dank) people with good prices, and may carry other "goods" etc.
  2. Had a guy that would give it to me in random shit... One time it was in a cup
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    Old friend of mine has always had nice medical bud, cheap too.. 
    Doesn't matter if we're pissy with each-other or anything, I can still drop by and pick up a bag and catch up  :bongin:  
    Too many bad ones to count
    You know your mans busy when he has to get that creative.. 
  4. I've received bud in accident report forms, sour patch kids baggies with sugar still in it, and even tin foil
  5. [quote name="MrGravityBong!" post="19164805" timestamp="1387091153"]I've received bud in accident report forms, sour patch kids baggies with sugar still in it, and even tin foil[/quote]I was in st Lucia on vacation I got 60$ worth in multiple tin foil balls he gave me them in a trash bag I thought they were big dense buds! But no just some pretty weird weed inside
  6. I had this dealer and he was an idiot. Went around telling people I was buying from him and crap. People were like "OMG you smoke weed! That's dangerous!" And I had a real nice talk with the dealer. He eventually got busted, hard. For all sorts of stuff. I'm glad he is gone tbh. He always was texting me asking if i we could smoke like every ten minutes. It was pretty annoying.Always try to know your dealers well, cause you never know what crazy stuff they can do on the side.
  7. Havent had too many shitty dealers honestly. The best ones are the ones who are as honest as possible. Always reply in a pretty fast time frame. Tell you when the deal can go down accurately and willing to give the best deal possible. 
  8. Just watch out for the ones that rip you off. And if they ripped you off in the past, never hit them up again, even if you can't find any. Not worth giving your money to someone who rips people off.That's just the way she goes
  9. My favorite dealer is now gone for good :( he just got busted with 3/4 lb of an unmentionable, 100 doses of another unmentionable, some nug, and $30k in his safe. IN HIS FREAKING DORM ROOM
  10. I've never really had a terrible dealer, had one but he ended up fuckin' around and catchin' 20 or so in the pen with shit he shouldn't have done.
    All the rest of them have been pretty fuckin' good, my current one is amazing...Good price, decent hookup, convenient, all things I look for in a hookup. :cool:
  11. I once got offered a stalk and like .3 nug at the end of it for £10, of course I declined this offer  :confused_2:
  12. One time I was smoking with my guy. Finished up and he goes to give me shit as I was leaving and he doesn't have a bag, so he outs in a red solo cup. He hands it to me and I'm high as fuck so I start singing "I've got weed in a cup" haha
  13. my first "dealer". of course i was young. used to rip me off with his shit that was "real flame bro" later got busted for havin some in his locker and trying to sell at school. i remember laughing my ass off
  15. Hahaha! The hilarious life experiences that you can only get from weed! They're one of my favorite things about that magical plant! :joint:
  16. My dealers are usually middle men no one will hook me up with the dude you can't do that here they alllllways have to deal with ppl getting busted with gs and becoming ci's fuck I can't wait to leave this place
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    Worst:You'll have to call that guy 2 days before hand (got used to that).
    Best:This guy would drive 1 hour to give you your couple of g (always on time).Sometimes in smoke sessions with him he'll smoke you out with his own stash and get you drunk from his own pocket.If your a real close customer with him and don't have money he'll lend you some smokes.I ounce owed him $150.Just knew the guy for a year.
  18. My main dealer is a mix of good and bad. There are times where i would hit him up and he would still be sleep(i sometimes like to cop early in the day). But other than that he always has good shit, reliable, and he let me get a few for free this one time
  19. More to add to my "worst dealers" list:

    • I once knew a dealer who would give an eighth for $45 when he was selling $20/g and $40/2g. The buyer would be getting almost double the weed for $5 more.

    • I knew another dealer who would try to do sell a quarter for $80 when he was selling eighths for $30. Anyone with basic math skills would be able to figure out that you save money by just getting smaller amouts from him.

    • There was also a scam going on when I was in High School, where this one "dealer" was buying from another guy for $15/g and re-selling it for $20/g, claiming he had "better" weed than the guy he was buying from. That didn't last long, cause when the guy he was buying from found out, you can bet he got a kicking!
  20. Had my guy drive by me once, I call him and he says he's still 2 towns away! Havent used him in a long time

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