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  1. My linksys wrt54g is giving me problems.

    Recommendations on something new that'll last longer than a year?
  2. D-Link routers have never given me any trouble. Right now I have a DIR-655 that I've had
    for years and no problems.
  3. JUST NO NETGEAR!!! lol Dlinks seem to last long when you buy the higher ups, but honestly linksys seems to last the longest. Also with the linksys, google the DD-WRT firmware (alot of new options!).

    -WiFi installation tech
  4. do you live in a large house? cause if not you dont need to go out and buy a really expensive one. just go to best buy and ask them what a reliable good priced one would be
  5. As if the Best Buy employees are gonna know.. ;)

    The WRT54G is the worst router ever (IMO).. Im gonna be replcing mine soon too. I havent been particularly impressed with Belkin or Netgear either. You might want to try this one out: - BUFFALO WHR-HP-G54 IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless-G High Power Router and Access Point - Wireless Routers
  6. Yeah I'm irritated. I had to dumb down the encryption last week to maximize my bandwidth. It had been working. To me that is BS. Put in a faster chip, better heat-sink better firmware and let us use them to full potential.

    Shoot router isn't one year old and it starts wearing out.

    I'm willing to pay a bit more for security and usability. ;)

    Though as a hack ever consider removing the case and letting the router air-out? They get pretty darn hot.

  7. Dont throw it away, play with this: | Unleash Your Router Its FREE firmware (takes a little PC knowledge)

    It allows for pay wifi sites, lets you monitor temp, usage, etc. Turns an off the rack router into a good peice of equipment!
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    Unless you got tracked down every wireless network you can see in your house and know what channel they are on. Chances are your routers is functioning perfectly fine, someone may have changed/ placed a new router close to yours that is on the same channel. Which is not good you need to find the channel with the least interference . A new router unless wireless N will do nothing for you. Wireless N uses different technology so that scattering of the signal actually makes it more efficient when receiving the same signal fractions of a second later.

    O yeah get an new electrical appliances? Microwave ovens? wireless phones? Lots of things give off 2.4ghz interference.

    I just loaded DD-wrt onto my old wrt54g, Very easy to work with after that.
  9. It's actually a WRT54GL. Newegg got it at 5 stars with over 2000 reviews. I'll look at this firmware upgrade.

  10. Update Firmware - Use bricked method if you can't update normally.

    Try alternative FW (DD-wrt, or HYPERWRT)
  11. I haven't had problems with the wrt family linksys routers. For the price I don't think anything beats them.
  12. I've always been partial to them. It's my second plus I have the linksys cable modem.

    The Linux firmware seems like a good choice. I might have the old router laying around somewhere. I'll see if I don't brick it before current one. It wasn't working right anyway IIRC.

    Got a Chinese one D-Link...? That never gave me more than half my bandwith- even with open unencrypted traffic. Just gotta dig it up and play with it.

    Been using Ubuntu and been M$ free since '06! Love the idea of my router being the same.

  13. Well hehe...

    I dredged up the ol' WRT54G v2.0 and it's supported.

    My TP-link Chinese modem isn't supported. No surprise there.

    Jeez I think I'm out of my element LOL

    You know you're a dd-wrt HO when.....

    So I'll do it. Practice on the old router and save my current WRT54GL v1.1 until I can safely flash it. The only difference between the two is the chip and a boost from 200Mhz to 250Mhz.

    Here's a list of supported devices if you are interested.

    I wouldn't buy any later versions of the WRT54G v5.0 and up.
  14. DD-WRT changed my life, haha.

    It's great for wireless bridge mode. Now I've got my Xbox360 accessing LIVE and all of my computer's media anywhere in the house.
  15. With your 1.1 version, you need to make sure that you first upload the Mini or Micro versions of DD-WRT first before going to standard. Your stock firmware will cause problems with the standard firmware since its over 3mb. From the micro/mini you can then upgrade to standard.
  16. LMAO Thats exactly what I'm usin it for too. It usually needs a reset with the xbox every other day or so, but that may be due to encryption/xbox/etc.

    Oh and yes, I am a DD-WRT Ho, just to clear it up lol
  17. The WRT54G v2.0 got a firmware upgrade some years ago.

    Firmware= v4.70.8,hyperwrt2.1b1+thibor14

    I didn't even know this was a third party firmware project when I downloaded it from the Linksys website. Comparing it to the stock firmware for the WRT54GL v1.1 I'm using now reveals many more features.

    Reading through the documentation for DD-WRT reveals that using Firefox to do the install can be problematic- especially for the WRT54GL.

    Well, I don't use IE. And I won't.

    Any suggestions on this?
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    Just picked up a Cisco WRVS4400N a couple of weeks ago. It's been awesome. It is a small business router so it is a littley price at $200+, but it is a great router.

    It's got a lot of features, but here are some of the key ones that I'm making use of:
    • Draft-N wireless with the ability to broadcast up to 4 isolated SSID's (with MAC address filtering)
    • Support for up to 4 IPSec VPN tunnels (not just passthrough)
    • Reserved IP addresses via DHCP based on MAC address.
    • Support for QoS and bandwidth throttling
    • Advanced diagnostics such as cable testing, e-mail notifications, etc.

    Uh, why not? You don't even have to connect to the Internet if you're THAT paranoid about security. Just configure the router and reset IE to factory default settings before connecting the router's WAN interface.

    3rd party browsers are good but you have to accept the fact that IE is still the most prevalent one in the world; there are still a handful of websites, programs, and devices that don't work well with Safari/Firefox/Chrome/etc.
  19. Oh it ain't about security. I don't even have a copy of windows.

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