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  1. I am planning on ordering some widow seeds. I was wondering what the best seedbank is for widows. I heard black widow seeds were the best from Mr. Nice. Any input? Thanks -Klearr
  2. Just order some damn seeds lol There's no way to REALLY tell how good it'll be until you grow it! Correctly growing any seed, even bag-seed, will make for a wonderfully potent harvest. I'm growing some WW from It's a cheap company and my seeds look just dandy, but took FOREVER to get here in the U.S. (Their company is in the UK) I wouldn't recommend them unless you're really on a budget. If you go with Attitude or Mr. Nice (Which are great seed banks with great history) you'll be satisfied =)
  3. Yeah Im new to the site, but have wanted to grow all my life! I lived in Vermont for a lomg time and got to see some great bud! Ive finally made the decision for my 1st indoor grow! Ive been researching seedbanks for the past several weeks! Well I went with Dr Chronic and Attitude, I order both on 7/15, and Docs were at my friends yesterday! Very discreet! Very Fast, and in the original breeders package so u know its the real deal! Good luck! Peace!:smoke:

  4. Shanti says the widow family (black widow, shark shock, medicine man, la nina) and a few others (g13 skunk, g13 widow) should be restocked largely by the end of august

    so if youre after the Mr Nice version, just give it a little more time ;)
  5. I bought AMS White Widow seeds by mail order and was pretty pleased with the results. Check my sig for the link.

    Tressie :)
  6. nirvana seed bank makes a killer white widow. check my sig for some pictures...fantastic bud and great yield. :smoke:

    ok...i'll post one of my favorite pictures. :D


  7. Simply gorgeous, one of my new options for the comming year, thanks so much
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    Yep, I made my first seed order a few years ago and it was Nirvana WW. Great shit, I didn't know how to clone but I ordered 10 fem seeds and kept that particular widow going for about 2 years. I've gotten widow clones from my club since, and those were awesome too. IMO, as long as the strain is a legitimate WW, it will be kickass. Truely one of the best all around strains ever bred if you ask me, and it grows well indoor and outdoor.
    I just made an order yesterday, didn't grab up any widow cuz I have plenty growin atm. I really like GHS though, I think any strain they bred would be top notch, so I grabbed up some Alaskan Ice and SLH via the Attitude.

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