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best weed you've had??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bi-Polar_smoker, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. what is the best buds you ever had??

    that sticks in your mid like

    "whaoh..thats WAS some good shit..."


    Mines would probably have to be....p-91

  2. A Hawaiian/Indica 30th gen. strain grown by some close friends! Big purple crystal covered buds as big as your forearm!!
  3. It's a tie for me, between Alaskan Thunderfuck and a strain called Blue Dot out here.
    Talk about sugar-coated buds, the crystals are so packed on these, when you touch them your fingers are covered with them!
    And the stone? *zonk*
  4. I had a 1/16th of my usualy shit (back when i was a much newer smoker) and for sum reason it kicked my ass so was three of us and usually we go up on a blunt an then hang out, but that time i dont remember half the shti that went of the highest times i've ever been (relatively) oh yea and my friend almost drove us into a ditch
  5. OMG I forgot I even posted this..I don't remember..LOL

    now I change my mind actually alaskan thunderfuck was the best Ive had..whhewww

    it had some of my friends eating they're fingers and sand...HAHAH

    smoke on
  6. i haven't had enough of a variety to give a good answer to his qustion, but cush has always rubbed me the right way. We seem to only get a flow of 3 different kinda at a time aorund here-it kinda sux

  7. ^^^ stoner! forgot you posted it just a DAY ago LOL
    I do it all the time :D

    alaskan thunderfuck, yeah mmmmmmmmmmmmhh
    we don't get that often, in fact only once in ever have i had it, but it was definitely memorable :)~
  8. oooh, 'tis a tie between Jack Herer, K2 and bubblegum...

    they all give different highs in my opinion...

    Jack Herer is quite trippy whereas K2 just knocks you flat and gives quite serious couchlock off a few hits...

    as for bubblegum, probably the giggliest high i've ever much fun..

  9. The strongest stuff we've ever had was some exceptionably strong Powerplant - stupidly potent. We found ourselves getting nicely stoned after about 3 or 4 bongs each, but as quite a lot of my crew are physically addicted to the process of pulling bongs, we just went for more and more and got battered every single time we tried to smoke any! We've been getting some quite good bud lately actually.... hope it continues! ;)

    Cowboysaxman... Do you know what a generation is?

  10. Skunk for me.
  11. How much would alaskan cost?
    kinda new to smoking><
  13. My all time favorite herb would have to be "Grapefruit" bud i smoke the other day... and well Christmas time was a good stone cause I had some of Santas "Christmas bud" (not actually given to me by santa; althought that would be a nice change from the crap I usaually get) lol just jokin' really!
  14. the grapefruit post reminded me of this bud we got once, called marmalade. It looked very similar to a bubblegum strain we had just previous, but the buds tasted almost like.. yup, you guessed it, orange MARMALADE.
    mmm mmm!
    so stony your lids were perma-drooped :)~
  15. the best weed i had was this fluffy popcorn shape with crystals,,,that shit put me out...
  16. Alaskan Thunderfuck...
  17. My best smoke.. Hmmmm... Northen Lights or mb White Widow, although I seem to be missing out here! Whats Alaskan Thunderfuck?! Is it available in the UK? Or in Feminized seed form? Possible to hydro indoors? Sorry for all the questions, I'm on a quest to find the strongest weed I can!
  18. The "man" was just by last night. He is going on tour for his job, and has been making the rounds for x-tra $$$. He had 4 baggies, each with a different kind of bud. One kind was so smelly, that I can't describe it. Like a mixture of skunk, vinegar, and ammonia. Whew!!!

    We laid out the wares on the dining room table, and checked them all out. We smoked from the "smelly bag" and talked about the differences each baggie of bud had. Granted 2 of the baggies only held 2 or more nuggs, one bag had one nugg left(the size of a lighter)and he was saving it for the road.

    I kept saying: What is this? Does it have a name? I hear about so many different kinds of kb, that I would like to know what I am smoking, ya know? So he says it's ALL Super Duper Bubonic Chronic. Thats a joke, it's from a song. Except I was so stoned...I didn't realize it till next morning.

    Anyways he has a bag of broken up kb. Some shake from all the bags and some tiny pieces of nugg. He says we can have it for 20 bucks, cause his customers won't buy anything that isn't all nugg. We look at each other, weigh it...just a little over a quarter!!!! Hell yeah!

    Then, like we weren't already STONED!!! He takes out a little piece of foil and says I have been saving this...lets smoke it. Turns out....opium. He had a piece of the size of a womens thumbnail(said it cost him 45 bucks for it) It was, brownish, pretty flowery smelling and smooth. Lucky for HIM he went to school with my better half, so his wasted ass could spend the night in the spare room. Fine by me, cause I cooked him a "king's breakfast" the following morning and got turned on AGAIN!!

    BUT...the best bud I think I have had was this awsome skunk bud my friend grew outdoors back in IL. It was one hit wonder from hell! It was so good that he kept it all for personal consumption. Out of the whole batch(about 6 ozs.) it only had three seeds. They were as big as popcorn shit! Unfortunately, word gets around and the three seeds he planted got ripped off! *#@#%*!@!! I wonder if they would have been as good?

    Sorry to ramble so me some GOOD STUFF to puff while I surf!! Woo Hoo!
  19. awesome nate! i agree, mmmmm opium! we never see it around here, i have only had it 3 times in my lifetime and each time was loverly.

    no need to apologize for ramblin, i have a tendency to do that too. i really don't understand where all the names for weed come from, this club in Oakland makes up names if they don't have the actual strain's name, so alot of the stuff I mention are probably variations of older strains, like the Marmalade I was talking about was very blue-berryish but had a different taste/smell, and very stony.

    Right now we're smoking something called "champagne," and also my BF picked up this weird brownish stuff that's keef dipped in hash oil? the club called it "honey keef"... WTF is this shit? damn my bowl won't stop burnin, gotta puff fast! *puff puff* omg. tooooo stooonneeeeddd nowwwwww
    We couldn't move last night and I ended up lying in bed stoned off my ass, totally immobile for the better part of the evening.

    As for the dude asking about Alaskan Thunderfuck, I don't know where the strain originates.. Don't know any of its properties, bought it here in the states, hope you find SOMETHING OUT just know if you ever run across it go the extra mile and get yourself a sack :D
  20. I don't all too much about Alaskan Thunderfuck, it hit me hard and crazy as hell. That stuff beat my ass. I got a hold of it from one of my cousins who lives in California while I was visiting.

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