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best weed you've ever had?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im the weedman, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. just wondering what is the most banger shit you guys have smoked?

    for me, it is this blueberry that my boy ALWAYS has. i've smoked everyday for the past 6 months, and last week i had some of his blueberry. 2 hits off a joint and i was high as shit. ahh what a good experience.....

    share your stories about nice bud
  2. the stuff i have now is pretty good but i had some ak-47 before and some white rhino those were the best ones really killer weed
  3. hell yea man white rhinos some good stuff....the best iv had is white widow...
  4. well its not the best iv had....but thats what iv been the most messed up on...
  5. Best shit I've ever smoked, I dont remember what it was, but it was incredible. I was smoking a blunt with 3 other people, and I was high after just 3 puffs. The blunt burned for like hour an hour so we all high as fuck
  6. homegrown skunk #1. mmmm skunky
  7. I like skunk. People really can't just lie and say it's skunk, cause if it don't smell skunky then....................
  8. Due to my ongoing problem with short term memory, whatever I am smoking at the moment is the best I ever had.

    Can also hide my own easter eggs and
    Tell myself knock-knock jokes.

  9. lol

    best wweed ever is superskunk

    it classical in its taste, potency, odor, touch.
    I luv it.

    especialy the fact that it's the one I control most when it comes to terms of thc stony effect.
  10. Best Ive had is this stuff I got up in canada (no idea on name...dont/didnt really care) It fucked me up good and quick.
  11. i personaly don't like being fucked up real quick... I like it slow... like sex.


    no pund intended
  12. The best shit I've smoked came in one huge nug. It filled a dime sack to the top and had difficulty opening the bag it was that big. just one nug. There must have been a really good grower to get that much into one golf ball (nug). Got it from this one dude. Only ever saw him once. They had the best shit It fucked you in one bowl and hit you like a ton of bricks..
  13. I agree with homegrown was the best shit that I've smoked. All organic, potency from the sun, cured for 2 months, cared for by me...nothing beats that. Other than that, some dank called train wreck that was around for a while as well as california skunk #1.
  14. Bubbleberryand nyc diesel have to be at the top of my favorites list..... just for tatse/stonedness...:)
  15. Hey, im not real sure what it was called, but a friend and me were down near the gulf area, Panama City Beach or something and we got this crazy shit, it had like red and orange and yellow hairs. It was insane, wish i could tell ya more, but the whole time was a huge blur...hahaha
  16. some hydro superskunk grinded with some hydro ice both grown by my friend's dad

    i was really fucked up my mom dint talk to me for days cuz she was so mad when she saw me lol but it was well worth it!
  17. sooooo many weeds, soooo many choices.....

    One batch I fondly remember was grown outdoors by a friend. Great taste & auroma...used to roll excellent fatties with it. He moved to NorCAl, so I don't get his fine herb anymore....I also loved getting hydro from my bro, sticky, stanky & sweet!...too bad he doesn't grow anymore...
  18. yea dro has been one of my favorite smokes, i jsut like it a lot for some reason. Also bin laden weed and kb

  19. What's bin laden weed? Is it hash from Afganistan or Pakistan? or does it just make you want to blow up sh*t?
  20. Original Haze, most definatley. I did one ghost hit with it and I was pretty fucked. If you're gonna do more than one hit please make sure you have some sort of tolerance built up. Not for the beginners.

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