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Best weed strain out of the following?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheCR04, Mar 4, 2016.


Best weed strain out of the following?

  1. Afghan Kush

  2. Sour Diseal

  3. OG Kush

  4. White Widow

  1. Hi,
    My dealer has some new new weed in town lol and he has the following strains:
    -Afghan Kush
    -Sour Diseal
    -OG Kush
    -White Widow

    I am going to buy half an oz of one of these strains but am not sure on which one to get (im thinking sour diseal).
    Also i dont think he's a mix and match sort of guy so only want to get one.
    And if you wondering.. he's charging $150 mates rates for the 1/2 oz delivered.
  2. If it's the real OG Kush id definitely get a half oz of that, that was some fire when I smoked it, smoked a gram to the face!
  3. Just ask for an eighth of each, thatbu wanna try em all an find ur favorite, he cant get mad for u wanting to try new things.

    If you think thats too much of a hassle, buy two 1/4ths of whatever kind u want. Look them up on leafly and pick the ones with the desired effects u want to try.

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  4. Everybody is going to like something different. Pic what you want, not someone else
  5. Follow your gut man. What you like more? Indicia? Sativa? Does a strain partically speak to you? I never get white widow so I personally would, but you might have tried it and arent so content with it like a lot of others. Like what some others said, look up at leafly, i always do. One thing though if i was you dont buy it all into one strain. If you can half indica, half sativa because morning/day= sativa, night = indica. Sometimes having sativa at night can suck when trying to sleep but want to do things. But thats what I would do. Its up to you man.
  6. Also he is a craigslist dealer but i trust him etc... check out my other post. i want to know if hes legit.
  7. Don't be a fucking idiot.
  8. I dont have any contacts atm tho
  9. dont risk this biscuit
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  10. but im in need for.. weed
  11. Don't help the OP. He is trying to meet a guy on Craigslist that will accept PayPal and do a random drop off. Lmfao. Help him by not replying.

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  12. Get a lil of every thing and label it so you remember what strain is what
  13. Just saw the thing about craigslist... Don't even know what to say.
  14. Lol...
    You trust a guy you've never met off Craigslist? I got a bridge to sell ya. Golden gate, maybe you've heard of it....real cheap bro
  15. I bought some weed off Craigslist a month ago and it ended up being a mutual friend of one of my friends id seen at a few parties. He always looked like a dick but i was wrong
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  16. Like a previous poster stated if its the "real deal" OG Kush, hands down the best shit I ever smoked.
  17. Obviously craigslist can be a huge risk no matter what it is your doing on there as your dealing with complete strangers most of the time, incorporate that with Cannabis and it's even riskier. On the other hand I know someone who has gotten weed via that avenue many times and he swears by it and the quality and has never had an issue, and yes this was always with people he never met. Life is full of risks...

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