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Best weed strain for creativity?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zigmat, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hello, I'm new here!

    This may seem like a far-fetched question, but bare with me for a few moments and speak your mind.

    Anyways, i haven't smoked in about 6 months, but i plan to do it again soon once i move to my own place. I'm also planning to grow it, which took me to think which strain should i pick.

    I'm into creative activities a lot, and enjoy to do them high, be it photography, drawing, playing piano or guitar or writing. Even just going with the music and "tripping" to it, so to speak.

    I know the two main "types" of cannabis are sativa and indica, but I'm not quite sure of the difference in effects yet. I come here asking what strains (indica or sativa, but if you want to go as far to name a particular strain that's ok) could be better for these kind of creative activities. Another thing would be if they were helpful in easing anxiety, since i had a few anxiety episodes on weed before stopping, but that's just a plus.

    So, what say you?
  2. Most people will tell you Sativas, but honestly I've found it depends on the person and the particular strain. You really just have to experiment and find out what works best for you.

    EDIT: Differences, in brief -

    Sativa: More of a trippy 'heady' high. Sometimes very energetic. Causes anxiety in some people.

    Indica: More of a 'couchlock' stony, body high. Sometimes makes one sleepy. Tends to be more relaxing for some.
  3. I prefer a nice hybrid. Most people will say Sativa's (like OSG said), but the couch-lock feeling from the Indica is really helpful at calming the body (imo) and you almost forget that your body is even there. Add in some Sativa and some good tunes and the creative juices start flowing.
  4. So if i were to choose a hybrid, would it be best if it was sativa or indica dominant?

  5. Sativa dominant...ak-48 to me is one of the best strains for deep thought, and creativity.
  6. it in my opinion more depends on when your herb was harvested. like if it was harvested with clearer trichomes the high is more uplifting and you more in a sense intellectual, not to say smarter. but also since you wont feel such a body load and couch lock you'll be up for doing more things.
  7. Somewhat true, but the genetic background can make a big difference when coupled with targeted harvesting.

    I usually harvest in phases over the course of a week. I pick some when the trichomes are just turning milky. Even with an Indica that will produce a more 'head' high. Some I pick when it's about 20% amber. That's more balanced, all else being equal. Some I'll let get very much amber. That's a perfect sleep aid and pain reliever.

    Still, the genetics of the strain play an equally large if not larger role than when it's harvested.
  8. I always used trichomes to tell when my weed has the most THC its gonna have....when harvested correctly its more like the weed is as good as it can possibly be. So if your growing indica the couch lock will be amazing...with sativa you'll be talking someones head off about non sense.
  9. Well... It's up to you. Do you like to do creative things while you're tiredish/chill? Or, while you're spacey/day dreaming?
  10. Maybe a mix of both hehe, somewhat chill but day dreaming. That's why the hybrid option seemed better, maybe a sativa dominant... Any strain recommendations on that?
  11. Any more input here?
  12. trial and error my friend
  13. You've already been told that you'll need to try different strains to see what works for you.

  14. Go with a Sativa dominant hybrid. That will take care of you creatively and help with the anxiety.
  15. Yeah, I'd personally go with the highest sativa I could find. 100% if possible. I don't like couch lock. I like to space.:hippie:
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    I think whats been said so far in this thread is pretty much true.. just keep experimenting.. depending on my mood etc.. i somtimes prefer to be couchlocked/sleepy myself just something to calm me down.. but I have had some killer strains that really bring out some truly creative moments when I'm playing music.. nothing can beat that feeling.. I hope you find a strain right for you.
  17. Get the strongest Sativa dominant hybrid you can find.
  18. Sweet kush is real creative off of personal experience. I would check out you can narrow down the searches if you just want creative pick that option, it will show you the top strains.

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