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Best weed I ever smoked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JamestheFreak, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Shit guys this weed my brother gave me to smoke was real good. I haven't had such an intense and fun high since I a strain called Ogre. Seriously it was such nice high quality weed that I was still tripping when I was trying to sleep.

    Anyone ever had quality weed like this? Its the best with a bong.
  2. OGre Kush? Pics?
  3. I think it was indica dunno the name, my brother ran out of it though. It was like $55 at the clinic.
  4. Stop saying tripping on weed, you sound ignorant
  5. i had this shit called Church once and it was fucking insane. i was so high i could not function lol
  6. [quote name='"Phisherman"']Stop saying tripping on weed, you sound ignorant[/quote]

    How else would you say it? Please enlighten me.
  7. thats gota be salvia dude, weed doesnt make you trip. unless youre just being a noob and using "tripping" instead of "baked"
  8. I just had to come in and say

    "Hands down dopest dope I ever smoked"

    "It's like killing a unicorn......with a bomb..."
  9. You don't trip on weed..
  10. it was the dopest dope you ever smoked?????
  11. You get high off weed, or baked, or stoned, or blazed, or chopped.. you don't "trip" on weed, unless you "trip out," which is a bad thing.
  12. people who are saying "you dont trip on weed" you sound ignorant because marijuana is a mild hallucination there is a possibility that you can "trip"

    thats my opinion, i have felt like i have tripped before when i closed my eyes. I may also be usinjg the wrong words but this is what i think.
  13. I'd have to disagree, i apologize... We don't trip on weed that may be true. But put some LSD/DMT in your bong, you'll be purple elephants walking out of each others asses.

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