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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blindmelon19, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. leeds festival, i had lots of weed, sunday was the last day and i planned on spending it at the concret jungle stage to see thrice and pennywise and listen to the other punk bands ther. i rolled severel Js before i set off to the arena bit and walked the 50 million mile walk from the campsite right at the other end of the festival and took some beers for the walk. when we where waiting to get in i noticed that it took ages so i thought i was gonna get serched. after panicing for ages my girlfriend had the great idea of smoking it all.... so i did, and hid the resin i hadnt used yet in my wallet. i stumbled up towards the gate and didnt even get looked at. so i sat down in the sun and got more stoned. this was my best experience with weed it was a bootyful day i was with the best company ever and i was waiting for thrice to come on.

    whats everbody elses
  2. so many good times on weed...don't know where to start.
  3. One of the best times smoking weed i can remember is the day that one of my old school friends, returned from his 2 -year work contract from Australia!!

    Before he went, he used to smoke about 2 bongs then go on a 'whitey' but after this 2 years, he came back and was a total bong-head!!!

    He came back and bought a 1/2 of the meanest shit iv'e ever smoked in my life, and we killed a quarter of it between me and him! So there we was stoned as fuck, with a quarter of some good shit, and a cupboard full of munch!


    so we made 2 huge brownies with all the weed in them. Oh my god, i swear that was the best smoke i'd ever had in my life, i slept the whole day after!!
  4. well my old gf used to sleep over on the weekends... she was allowed to stay in my room until 2 am ( we were only grade 9) then she would "sleep" in the spare bedroom.... at about 2:30-2:45 she would come back to my room we would hit bongs and FUCK all night... it was the best sex ever... lol... but we never did anything.. except... get high and fuck... so we stopped goin out lol :D.. once we popped E and she left for a bit to "sleep" then she came back.. and she told me "i am so horny right now"... that was good too :D... drugs are good...

    oh god do i miss her :p

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