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Best Weed Competition

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by AGanja, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone, post your best bud pics here. Once the thread dies down, I'll make a new thread with what I thought were the best ten pics depending on the feedback that they get, and then everyone will vote on who has the best Mary Jane. :smoking:
  2. A decent bud, I had to crop it a hell of a lot to fit within the size restrictions of the attachment so theres no size reference. The original has a zippo in it too. Its not the best bud I've had but its the only I've taken a decent picture of :p

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  3. Looks pretty damn good. Nice orange hairs.
  4. This was by far the best ganja Ive ever smoked. I have so many other nice looking buds of different strains, but this was still the most amazing.


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  5. Fuck man you win already :smoke: :smoke: ! Thats some nice looking bud. I wish I took some pics of the 'G13' we got (I put it in inverted commas because I'm not sure if it was G13 as in government grown, or just reaally good grass). Anyway that stuff was some killer ganja and it was worth paying through the nose for it :hippie:
  6. here's mine

    ( )
    [\ ( ) /]
    [\ \ \ ( ) / / /]
    \ \ \ \( )/ / / /
    \ _ \_ _/ _/
    __\___ \ / ___/____
    {_______ _________}
    | |
    | |
  7. Well shit that worked great........(FUCK)
  8. Dammmmmnnn!!!!! That has to be the dankest bud I've ever seen Garland! Whats strain is that?
  9. i dont have a pic but i got some stuff from a guy who comes into my work. i call it orc weed because its dark green, slimy and sticky, and it stinks really bad. just picture it in your head, thats all the picture you need... it's really excellent stuff too, nice floaty warm feeling.

  10. where is clonemiester? I liked hearing about his road trips and what not..
  11. Thats my own personal strain a mix of haze x NL x White Rhino x Manatuska Tundra x Early Girl. It's purpley white, can survive in any climate, has no smell, buds the size of my hand are the smallest, and the half the plant is Sativa and the other half is Indica! Man I love genetics.

    Honestly it was supposed to be a marijuana leaf but it fucked up once it posted.
  12. k dude your kiddin right??? cause that shit sounds WAYYYY to good to be true lol ive seen a plant that looks alot like that called ICE or somethin like that but w/e it is, its DANK ass shiat
  13. Hey everyone, From now on i need some kind of verification that the pictures you post are originals. Put your username on a peice of paper and put that in the picture with the weed so we know it is in fact your bud. Thanks. Also I'd rather be judging this by smokeable weed (nugs) instead of pictures of the actualy cannabis plant.

  14. lol if you're talking about the pic under his post with the pic of "Ice Man" than no thats not his... because i posted that picture in the gallery a while back so he probubly took it from there... and yes that is some pretty crazy weed...
  15. sorry but this thread is seriosuly gonna die on its arse...

  16. Haha, no I was talking about his makeshift drawing of a nug that got crushed by the formatting of the message board.

    Sadly, this thread is already dead, people started mocking it with humorous posts right off the bat... Screw it, doesn't really matter.

    So now this can just be another random conversation thread... :hippie:
  17. Ive only had my digital since christmas, so this is the best 2 batches of bud i have had since then. I have posted them in the gallery, everyone should check out the galleries for some really good pictures.

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  18. Okay to appease the likes of the community i made up the strain....completley fake but since everyone likes it so much now I have a new goal in life. Also the pic in my sig i pasted from some site selling seeds. It is Nirvana's ICE.

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