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Best ways to snap out of a high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by urbal, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Coffee is an obvious one but i don't drink the stuff so looking for any other ways to quickly sort yourself out?
  2. Lol seeing a cop
  3. Eat 14 jacket potatos
  4. Actually? I love having a cup of coffee with my spliffs haha doesn't seem to kill my high :\

    Try wiping out on a skate board or bike when you're high... It'll snap you the fuck out of a high fersure ! lmao :p
  5. the reason im asking is so i can go skate actually, cant skate for shit when im baked, too slow and sluggish, need a way to sharpen up and energize myself
  6. cooked and eaten boy...
  7. a couple minutes of exercise to get endorphins flowing, your heart beating and your energy back up. splashing water on your face or having a shower helps too (and in combination with exercise works wonders for me.)
  8. looking into the eyes of the law is an instant buzz kill.
  9. Eat alot, take a long shower, drink something with plenty of caffine or sugar, or exercise.
  10. take a shit
  11. do a big line of Tony Montana, then show the skate park what tha fuk is up yp
  12. id love to try the 2 combined but missed my chance coz i dont see tony anymore at all :(
  13. Jerk off in a cold shower
  14. good shout!
  15. get arrested
  16. Slice your dick off.
  17. Jerk off shower then eat in that order
  18. Run into oncoming traffic, that'll definitly kill your buzz
  19. Cold shower or eat a good meal
  20. Someone saying something that would bring a shocked look to your face - something deadly serious usually. Thats pretty much the only thing thats killed my high in 8 months of toking.

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