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Best ways to smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 420shrek, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Hey Guys,
    I have yet to get a pipe (short on funds) and I have been smoking out of an apple. I find it very smooth and flavorful compared to the harshness of a chillum or bowl. What is your personal favorite way to medicate or get blazed?
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  2. There is already a bunch of threads on this, use the search function next time bro.

    But to answer your question bongs seem to be the only thing that does it for me these days. Nothing like waking up to a huge rip of some dank, that first high of the day is amazing let me tell you. Its all opinions man, some people will get way more ripped off .5 in MFLB then have AVB left for edibles yet. I sometimes find myself wakein up in middle of night like "damnnn cant wait till morning to take that first rip".

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  3. And take care of your first bowl, always wish i hadn't been so careless with mine.

    Sheet, it could be a air loom for generations of stoners lmfaoo

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  4. My friend you should really look into a gravity Bong. You can make one at home very easily and they rip like crazy man.

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  5. Since it sounds like money is a factor, I'd just go to your local gas station and get some papers or blunt wraps. Won't cost you much more than 2 bucks. Learn to roll, it's an amazing skill to craft. Like swimming or bike riding. There are tons of beginner guides on YouTube or online.

    What I use most often is pipes due to their ease and mobility. Definitely harsh. However my favorite is a nice bong. Almost nothing beats a solid bong rip.
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  6. Bong rips.
  7. Element papers or a nice bong with good diffusion.

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  8. Op should get a VapCap. Stop combusting and join the vape side!

    You save weed, you get more flavour, you don't burn THC and Cannabinoids (wasting them), and you get higher for longer. I use about 50% less weed, compared to when I was smoking, so my ounce lasts me 2 months.
  9. Dabbing concentrates.
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  10. Nothing like dabbing concentrates

  11. That little robot rig is badass.
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  12. Robot rig has a brother

  13. Nice. Its looks like your a quartz purist? Not a fan of ti?
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  14. Try boon kriek lambic if you haven't. I liked it better than mort subite.

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  15. I just use a gravity bong made from an empty water bottle and some tin foil which cost basically nothing. You just need scissors and a toothpick to pke some holes in the tin foil

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  16. joints or bongs
  17. Aluminum for that awesome welder's fever and lung cancer when you're older...

    Don't fucking smoke from aluminum people, it's very toxic.
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  18. I was surprised by this beer! Found an entire pantry full of the stuff, been drinking a few a night haha. Refreshing.

    I will look into boon..
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  19. Quartz just tastes better IMO. And looks better.

    I still have ti as my backup.
  20. True. I got a 4mm banger. Works great. Just takes forever to heat it.

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