Best Ways to pass a saliva test on short notice?

Discussion in 'General' started by fairgolf, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. What is the best way to pass a saliva test if you just smoked? maybe mouthwash or gum? any ideas?
  2. dont smoke 5 mins before lol, those tests fuckin suck, hardly work, and i myself, and many others have passed them high as a kite.

    But, that doesnt ALWAYS work, just dont smoke within a day before it if you want to be very sure you will pass. Those are more designed to see if youve been high very recently
  3. but they are random thats the problem..
  4. Good to know!I'm trying to get a job right now that mouth swabs for the drug test.I haven't smoked since sunday morning 2am-ish.Was rollin too,but i think i should be good for both by tomorrow or wed.
  5. Have as many things passing through your mouth as you can until the test.
  6. oh i thought you meant short notice like you just found out you have one tomorrow or something.... i dunno, maybe try chugging water for a while before them, i dont think they detect diluted saliva, as its 95% water anyway
  7. you have to give a blowjob
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  8. Mouth wash? It won't clean it perfectly but I would imagine that's the most effective. Or continuously spit and regenerate new saliva into your mouth repetitively.

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