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Best Ways to Keep Weed Potent?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SmokeStoopid, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. i know about the orange slice and the air tight jars but the jar i have no access to. i just got my bud today and im smoking it tomorrow night its about a little less than 2.5... is it worth putting an orange slice in to keep it potent and if so do you have any other suggestions?
  2. dude, it will be just fine in a plastic bag til tomorrow

    and go to walmart and buy a damn mason jar!
  3. Keep it in a sealed bag, no sunlight, out of extreme temperatures, and somewhere it won't get squished/etc like pockets/backpack. Leave it in a safe place.

    Otherwise, spend a dollar and get an airtight jar, or just take one when you run out of something in the fridge that came air tight.

    It will be just fine until tomorrow.
  4. Bud stays decently moist for close to a week in a sandwich bag. You're definitely tweaking a bit too hard, especially if you will be smoking it tomorrow.

    It's not an orange slice you put in the jar btw. It's the peel itself. The bud will absorb the moisture from the orange peel. Absorbing the moisture will make the bud obviously more wet and dense, and will affect the aroma and taste a bit. This is usually done for "curing" dry bud though.

    You'll be good until tomorrow without doing anything. If you're that worried.. Throw it in some air-tight tupperware or bag it a few times.
  5. I dont get why you would even put it in a jar to begin with led alone with a organge peel? what are you trying to recure your bud? i woudl suggest not doing that as it would most likely kill THC by trying to recure bud thats already been finished. unless you plan on leaving it in a jar for about a month or two weeks atleast then i dont think it will do anything but make the bud shitty if you put it in a sealed jar

    best thing to do use bags maybe a couple i usually wrap my big shit up a lil bit and throw it in the freezer but lil stuff just use a couple bags will keep it nice n moist, etc.
  6. yea thing is idk how old it is
  7. Don't overthink it mayn, a day is nothing. As long as you dont like put it in a bucket of water or something stupid it will be fine.
  8. i thought the best way to keep it fresh was to have it in the freezer. right??
  9. just keep it out of the light. light is the worst thing for cannabis that's already harvested.
  10. when storing bud you want minimal light, heat, and moisture.

    you'd only add a orange peel if your bud is dry or you want to add a tiny bit of flavor

  11. NOOOOOOO... Don't ever do this. If you freeze nugs, the trichomes' head becomes extremely sticky, so you lose like half of them on your fingers when you load a bowl. The dispensary that I used to go to did this and I felt like I was smoking mids instead of meds.
  12. DO NOT put an orange peel in your bag. It will produce mold on your buds if you don't do it right. Just keep it zipped and don't open the bag until you're gonna :smoking:
  13. One more day wont hurt.
  14. A good free alternative is using a pill bottle. The child safe ones really lock in the smell and keep trees fresh. Take the perscription label off, and make a nice label for your new medi-weed :)
  15. mason jar or air tight jar nuff said
  16. if you're keepin it until tomorrow just keep it in a bag, it doesnt matter but for future bud that you buy, stick it right in a freezer.

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