Best ways to enhance pipe smoking?

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  1. Hey, Im a newb at smoking so I'm just wondering if theres any tips or tricks to be done to make the hits on a pipe smoother. (other than doing everything like packing, lighting..etc properly) Thanks in advance.

    Heres a pic of my pipe if it helps
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    Awsome piece!
    you can freeze you piece also.

  3. Eh, if the glass is thin or if its thick for that matter the sudden temperature change will contract/expand your glass which will ultimately fuck it up.
  4. really? ive frozen pipes, and a bong and never had any problems.
  5. Yeah I wouldn't freeze anything if it doesn't have a detachable bowl piece.
  6. Extreme temperature changes can cause glass to break.
  7. Yep, next time your windshield freezes go dump some hot water on it and watch what happens. :laughing:

    And don't sue :(
  8. when i smoke pipes/joints i like to draw the smoke into my mouth first, then inhale. makes hits much nicer, but a bit smaller.
  9. i agree with you spoob. What i used to do was every smoke sesh i had i would try to take the biggest hit i could 1 time like hacking up a lung hits... So with time i could take as big of hits as i want. Itll get way easier to tell how big of a hit youre actually taking too with time and more smoking;)

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