Best way to view trichomes?

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  1. What's up all? I think this is the correct forum for this but if not, my bad.

    Any recommendations as to the absolute no doubt about it best magnifier out there to view trikes in late flower?

    I have a 30/60x magnifier but I feel like I have to have that thing right up against the bud and have to have my eye pressed right against the magnifier when trying to look at the trikes and even then, I can't tell if they're milky or clear most of the time. Anyone have a magnifier that when you use it it's completely obvious if your trikes are ready to harvest or not? PM me if you have a suggestion please! Thanks!

  2. Are you taking clippings or trying to view it on the plant. It's gonna be difficult to get a good view without taking a clipping regardless of your tool.
  3. Thanks for responding. On the plant for sure. Before harvest. Thought there might be a killer magnifying glass or the like that can be held at arm's length that really blows up the trikes so they can be seen easily. Do you usually take a clipping from a sugar leaf to do it as opposed to going in your grow room and viewing the trikes right on the plant?
  4. Take the clipping from the bud itself. Just a teeny tiny piece is all that's needed. The sugar leaf will have trichomes that mature much sooner than the bud, so checking them wont help much.
    Taking a few clippings every week, or even every few days wont hurt the plant.
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    Oxbird makes an adjustable stand USB microscope for about $20.00

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  6. $10 scope
  7. Pop for a Carson 20-40X lighted, hand held microscope from Amazon. Cheap, easy to use and provides more than sufficient magnification.

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