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Best way to utilize last of stash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Cannabis, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hey im running real low on my ounce, and I was wondering the best way to utilize what weed I have left. (Best way to smoke it)
  2. vape it, or take bong rips.
  3. vaporizer ftw
  4. one hittters... or take your bong and slide the oneie in where the slide is and hit that. it hits hard and its only a oneie
  5. make some firecrackers
  6. Ya all i have for a vape is a glass christmas ornament, and when ever i use that i dont feel it as much. Or can someone who has used this method, or the "Lightbulb vape" give some input

  7. my homeboy made one and he said it was the shit, i saw it it looked legit. He had to toss it before i got to hit it though.
  8. batties.

    i get higher off of one-hitters than anything else, and you dont waste shit of chron. typically an eighth will last me a day. if i were to smoke all of that eighth in batties, at least 2 days..probably 3.

    invest in a glass bat, and it will become your best friend. or one of those quartz ones that fit inside dugouts. those are chill. hard to break, too.
  9. knife hits or vaporizer
  10. knifes or a waterfall
  11. Dude...

    It's been said a few times, but I feel the need to emphasize:

    Vaporizer as first choice.

    Bong rips to the head.
  12. Grav bong will get you the highest for the least amount of weed in my opinion.
  13. Grav bong 100%
  14. Well in my experience if you want to conserve your weed as much as possible, Obviously Blunts and joints are a no no.

    I would suggest, as said earlier by another blade. to smoke out of a bat. My bat is probably the most used peice that i have. You will save a shit load of money. Plus their cheap so hell give them a try.

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    Besides a good vaporizer, small amounts out or a pipe or dry bong are most efficient. Just pack enough for 1 hit and clear the bowl. Hold for 5-10 secs. Repeat if needed. This way none of it burns into the air. Pack it tight and pull slow so none pulls through.

    Put some water in the bong if you can't hold for at least 5 secs. This wastes some THC but you can take better hits.

    Use a flame as little and as far from the bowl as possible. Preferably a bic. High heat burns THC

    P.S.- I also agree with the G.B. method. You only have to light once so your bud burns cooler. Use just enough bud to fill the container and don't spill any smoke.
  16. does that mean that butane lighters are bad?
  17. If you put the flame too close, yes. Start far away and bring it close until the bud starts smoldering. You can even get a few vapor hits if you don't burn the bud right away. This works best if your bud is finely ground.

    Butane lighters are cleaner but you have to be very careful with the flame making your bud too hot.
  18. Steamroller, I cant believe no one has suggested it to you yet. So far I have never been disappointed by steamroller hits, quick hit straight to the dome.

  19. Amen. I agree with that one there.
  20. grav bong or edible.

    do you put that much thought into hitting a bowl every time? Just smoke the damn thing

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