Best way to use the G-pen Elite

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by evan0211, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hi I'm from Melbourne, Australia and just bought my first vape. I was wondering if anyone could help with any tips or methods that make the best vapour from the g-pen. How dry the herb is?
    Big/small tokes?
    Grind size?
    Sorry for the noob questions just want some good advice please

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  2. Do yourself a favor and trade you G Pen Elite for some other vape. G Pen melts and is off-gassing toxic fumes, beware! See this:
  3. You're welcome. If you'd need any advice on vapes/usage - hit me up! :)
  4. I have a G-Pen Elite and I hate it. I never get a solid vapor cloud from it- no matter how high I turn up the temp. I will go through a full session of .25g and just get a nice warm body buzz that wears off after about an hour. If I smoke that same .25g I get a much better longer lasting high. I should note that I do not have a knock-off. I bought it directly from Greinco Science.

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