Best way to use 30mg of 2ct2?

Discussion in 'General' started by Altered_Reality, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. I tried 20mg orally a few weeks ago, and i didnt get what i wanted.

    whats the best way to use 30mg? should i do some oral and snort some? i just want the introspective effects first and foremost, but id also like some visuals.

    if you had 30mg of 2ct2 and wanted a good introspective trip with some visuals, what would you do?

    i dont know much about it, but 1)put it in a pill then shove it in your anus, 2)freebase it, 3)inject it

    eating anything is the weakest way to get high on any drug
  3. Don't know about 2ct but everytime I've done 2ci I let it disolve on my tongue.
  4. i also thought about freebasing all of it, but its more visual than introspective if you do that. i think oral is mroe introspective, but more is needed. with snorting you can use a lot less, but its more visuals than anything.

    i was thinking about doing 20 oral, than snorting 10 at peak.
  5. bump for opinions.
  6. I dunno about any drug thats number 1 method for ingestion on erowid is shoving it up uranus. Might pass on that one... just me though...
  7. yea, sticking it up my ass is out of the question. and i dont wanna bang a research chemical.

    so really its either oral or snorting.
  8. trying to get some ideas, because im receiving it today.
  9. i know this is late, but make it into a liquid and drink.. it tastes like shit but fucks you up.. intense visuals, some naseau for the 1st hour.. little introspection as compared to acid/shrooms

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