best way to tip your taxi driver?

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  1. so tonight, my boyfriend and i took out our friend's cab in downtown denver to make some extra cash.

    we picked up plenty of friendly, interesting people, but a couple we picked up from a local gay club totally made our night. :)

    we drove them from the night club back to their apartment building, where one of the guys went upstairs to grab something, while his partner stayed in the car.

    we made brief, casual small talk for a couple minutes, when the guy asked out of nowhere if we rolled! :D

    we both cautiously replied yes, and he held his hands up the front seat with a pill for each of us!!! we tried to graciously decline but he was insistent. so we ended up with two green ladies...FOR FREE! and he tipped my boyfriend too! :hello:

    so now we're back at home and waiting for our special gifts to kick in!

    just thought i'd share this awesome experience with all my dudes in pandora! :D

    have a great night, GC, i know we will!
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    damn,denver is great,i live in CO SPRINGS

    plus rep for living in CO
  3. thats sick!
    have fun :hello:

    WOW i am more then jealous haha
  5. Fuckin awesome! I hope you guys enjoyed your little ladies.
  6. Haha that's mad.

    Reminds me of a time i got a taxi. Got talking to the dood and it turned out he was in to everything.
    He then proceeded to pull out a massive bag of coke. Must of been 10 G's.

    Said he would rack one up but he doesn't do it when hes working.
  7. If he dosen't do it while he's working, why would he risk carrying it while working, haha?

    Well, the closest story I can come to is that I used to have a friend who dealt weed and oxy's and was a cab driver, haha.

    But getting some rolls is the best tip I've ever heard of.
  8. lol i dunno man. That's what confused me too. Think he was going out after his shift. Was gutted he didn't share lol :p
  9. i'm ROLLING! hahah

  10. [​IMG]

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  11. ^ lol

    gotta say driving that cab tonight was pretty interesting haha
  12. Haha right on! I love going downtown and getting fucked up. I was at Beta in downtown last week and got some free prints of Molly. It's fun cause my buddy has a condo in Brooks tower (15th and Curtis) so we don't really need taxis and we can get as fucked up as we want.

    Gotta love the CO. (Oh are you still going to the Gathering next weekend?)
  13. coolest story ever
  14. Damn, fucking rolls for driving people around would be awesome.
  15. hi everyone.
    reporting back to you all!
    they were good, clean, pretty strong pills! one had me rolling for like, 4 hours! :)

    gotta jet, i'm going to see blink-182 and weezer tonight! :D:D:D
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  16. Haha nice story and nice concert too, you're lucky :wave:
  17. damn what a crazy weekend it has been! lol

    hey highchick tell yo momma thanks for the tickets : )
  18. haha word i will :D
    feeling betterrr?
  19. little bit

    i need to smoke......i mean medicate
  20. that's why gay people are cool ;)

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