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Best way to test ph ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Let-it-grow, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. What is the BEST way to measure the ph of a solution :confused: ph strips, digital ph testers, ph meters ? ect
  2. I have heard bad things about the little strips. I would go with the digital tester. Much more accurate results.
  3. and how much would that cost ?
  4. i just googled it.
    40 was the best price i found.
    some were up to 200
    most were around 70
  5. I would suggest a digital tester too. You can find them for pretty cheap on eBay. Make sure you pick up some calibration solution too.
  6. whats the problem with the strips ?
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    I have them all.

    The Hannah PH meter is GREAT but you have to pay attention to the calibration or your results will be off and disaster pre-programmed.

    On Edit: Do NOT buy "El-Cheapo" or you're gonna get results accordingly.


    Or get a MUCH CHEAPER liquid test from Walmart (Aquarium section) or Pet store. Costs only a few bucks and works just as well.


  8. i've had good experience with the strips as well.
    i dont see a problem with them honestly.

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