Best way to take take macro trichome pictures?

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  1. I just got a digital camera to use for taking pictures of my trichomes and was wondering how you guy get the best results?
    Turn off all the lights and put the flash on is what I was thinking but what do you guys tend to do?

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    USB microscope that hooks to a laptop are the bomb. It takes pictures. You can order cheap ones for like $20 on eBay. Most of them are like 20x-500x. You can pick them up at places like best buy also
  3. Here's a pic using a 20x jewelers loupe held up to my phone. I also have a 60x-100x hand held scope but its to hard to use with my phone. Don't know why I've never bought a USB scope maybe I'll pic one up this week

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  4. If you can change the lenses you need a macro lens or extension tubes.
    If the lens are interchangeable look for macro mode, normally a flower symbol. Its easier with a constant light source...
  5. You can get a canon xs kit and macro lense for under $200, well worth the investment if your at all interested in photography.
  6. Go to Amazon and get a celestron usb microscope, I paid 50 after shipping for mine and it is well worth every penny, 10x-150x is the magnification takes awesome still pictures.

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    care to upload one ?
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    Sorry about taking so long!
    And sorry about the quality I couldn't get them off my computer so I had to take a picture with my phone. It's much clearer on the computer screen.

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