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Best Way to Take Oxy's

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by D3NIAL, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Hey all,
    I've got two 5/325 oxycodienes, this is my first time taking any kind of opiate

    What is the best way I can take these to feel the best effects for the longest time?​

  2. From what Ive heard, plugging. Aka in the ass.

    Next to that is sublingually (under the tongue), then orally, then nasally.
  3. The pills you have are percocet which have tylenol in them. You should eat them because snorting them will be bad for your nose. have fun :]

    EDIT: also if you want to increase the effects because you said the best way to feel the effects...there are many opiate potentiators out there, try drinking some grapefruit, tonic water( with quinine), 30 minutes before you pop em.
  4. yessir please dont snort apap bro.
  5. So whats best under the tongue or chew them, not really down for sticking pills, or anything for that matter up my ass.
  6. Just swallow them, or if you want them to hit faster try chewing them.
  7. If you want them to hit you faster chew them and chase it with water although it won't be much different than swallowing them whole. Either way have fun :smoking:
  8. I swallowed them about 20 minutes ago and just smoked a few bowls, and wow this feels amazing.
  9. Haha glad your enjoying it for your first time be careful though oxys can be very addictive
  10. haha, fasho man, it only gets better :)
  11. i didn't know that, thanks
  12. post the threads in my sig youll get a great answer about all ROA ( Routes of Administration) -- see you there!

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